By Vegas Food Nerd

Most men, and quite honestly women too hate the dreaded holiday we know as Valentine’s Day.  If you are single, you really hate it, with a vengeance.  Thoughts of heart shaped chocolate boxes, and bouquets of red roses can spur a  case of nausea in your stomach.  The expectations of your partner depending on your relationship can be a source of stress.  If you happen to be visiting Las Vegas during this season of love here are a few recommendations on how to woo your partner in Sin City.


First and perhaps most important, plan ahead

Our city is a prime Valentine’s Day destination.  So even if planning an evening out is against your nature, it’s time to change that about yourself.  Plan where you would like to go and make reservations as early as possible.  Nothing is going to squash the romantic vibe more than not knowing where you are going to go for the evening.

Get ready

This tip ties into the one above, but preparation does show real affection.  Stop by Adult Superstore, or Lion’s Den here in Las Vegas and get a few tools to turn on your lover.  A gourmet dining experience should end you up relishing in an epicurean romp between the sheets.  Wear something under your clothes to surprise your partner, and or introduce a few new toys to the bedroom after your date. 

Take them to new heights

The lights of Las Vegas are spectacular, and they are even more awe-inspiring when you visit some of our bars and restaurants that have balconies that overlook the Strip.  Rivea the restaurant that sits atop of Mandalay Bay has a lounge adjacent to it called the Skyfall Lounge.  You can sit out on the balcony and enjoy cocktails on their couch type seating and revel in the 180-degree views.  The Stratosphere has the revolving restaurant that gives you 360-degree views.  And the Ghost Bar and The Foundation Room have some great views as well.  And if you take your date to the Eifel Tower Restaurant at The Paris Hotel and Casino you will get perfect romantic views of the legendary Bellagio fountains.  Then order a soufflé there for desert, trust me.  The 30-minute ride in the LINQ’s Observation wheel with an open bar wouldn’t be a bad way to kick off the evening either.  A Romantic helicopter ride over the city lights?  Yeah, you can do that too.  Just book everything in advance tours do sell out.

Order Some Bubbly

It might be cliché, but pop a bit of the bubbly at the beginning of the meal. There are rumors that champagne can get you inebriated quicker, which isn’t actually true, but you can’t deny the rush of dopamine you feel when someone cracks open a bottle.  It’s a symbol of something special.  Going out on this holiday is all about making someone feel special.  So, start with bubbles, my friend.  You will not be sorry.

Pick your restaurant wisely

Before just blindly choosing a restaurant that you know that you will love stop and think about your partner.  Any dietary preferences or favorites do they have?  Also, consider the smell factor when you make the final decision.  Is the cuisine overly garlicky or loaded with onions?  Or is it too indulgent and more than likely conducive of a nap instead of an incentive to play in the bedroom?

Try a change of venue for dessert

Every place in town is going to have dessert menu for you to peruse, but why not get even more creative with your planning and go to a new destination to hit your dates sweet spot?  Sweets by Raku is a dessert place located in Chinatown where the chef crafts decadent desserts right before your eyes that look like works of art.  You can also go to the highly anticipated outpost of Chef Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar at The Cosmopolitan she makes something called “Crack” pie, and it is highly addictive, and her legendary Cereal Milk Ice Cream ranks right up there with the “Cronut.”  Oh, and if you want to try one of those visit our friends at Pink Box Donuts, they’ve even upped the donut game with their new churro donuts. 


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