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Cucina & Enoteca 

Henderson has been blessed with this new Clique Hospitality Italian restaurant located in Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa and Casino, just steps from the casino floor.  

When you turn the corner and walk into this new dining destination, you hear and feel the word “pretty” when you see the space.  

Tall ceilings, lots of crisp, white touches all over the room, and an adorable scooter that every girl that has seen in the classic film, Roman Holiday, has always wanted to own. There are seats adorned with fairytale-like floral patterns, and a big, airy Hamptons feeling environment in the place. The open kitchen is large and square, and plopped right into the middle of the restaurant, giving diners the chance to view and watch the action right from their seats. They had this fun-looking area with couch seating arrangements on one side of the space, and while they appeared very comfortable, I wouldn’t want to have to try eating pasta sitting in a space like that. I’d recommend grabbing a seat at the bar where you can drool over the beautiful copper pizza oven and watch all of your foods get created. 

Once we were seated at our very pretty high-top table, I secured a spot where I could watch the bartender and all the chefs at work. They brought us out their perfectly plated breads with a really nice, not too sweet, honey butter. Along with our bread, our hosts introduced our table to two of their salad options: a Chopped Salad and their Buratta and Tomato Caprese. The Chopped Salad was very good, but if there is a cheese that can change your life, it would be buratta. It makes fresh mozzarella feel like the wallflower I was in middle school. They accented the life-altering dairy treat with marinated heirloom tomatoes, aged balsamic, and pistachios (insert swoon noise here). Our salads were served with a Sangria Bellini, and a drink called La Bella Vita, made with Prosecco. The cocktails in presentation were gorgeous with fresh flower accents—just a bit on the sweet side for me. My waiter was gracious enough to supply me with a good Pinot Grigio for the rest of the meal.  

Next, our hosts treated us with a sampling of some of their favorite appetizers to share at our table. The Char-Grilled Octopus was in a blood orange vinaigrette with a black garlic yogurt sauce that put off everyone at first, but it was love at first bite for pretty much everyone at the table.
The Beef Carpaccio, with a perfectly round poached egg in the middle with hearts of palm and cherry peppers, just melted on your tongue in a perfect mix of flavors. Their take on Crispy Calamari was a happy, deep fried taste, lightened up with fresh lemon and a light marinara sauce. And finally, they served us a Zucchini Flowers, breaded, lightly fried and filled with a lemon ricotta stuffing—a table favorite, to say the least.

The next round was their pastas and entrées. First up was their Baked Gnocchi Arrabbiata, baked with buffalo mozzarella in a spicy Calabrian Chili and San Marzano tomato sauce all served in blue stoneware, which helped to keep this dish hot the whole time that we shared it. It was a tasty take on one of our Nonna’s favorite treats. My favorite pasta dish that they served us was the Sausage & Rapini, served over a big rigatoni with ricotta and a tomato chili sauce. The flavors all complemented each other so well, and I would highly recommend ordering this plate of pasta. They brought us another signature dish, Lobster Fra Diavolo, and as much as I like my crustaceans, for me, this wasn’t incredible. It was presented with the head of the beast staring straight at you, which for some was too much, but I of course dug in, and just wasn’t knocked out by it. The other entrée that they brought for us to sample was the Pan-Roasted Halibut served with a farro risotto, carrot purée, and peas. The halibut was cooked perfectly and the sides and sauces that adorned it just made me really happy.  

A meal just isn’t complete without dessert, right? Well, at this point most of us were groaning with full bellies, but when they bring you fresh, Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts with a blueberry dipping sauce, you are going to eat it and be glad that you did. They followed it with a Strawberry Limoncello Pannacotta that was a light, refreshing experience that I will either be ordering or trying to recreate at home very soon.  

My family used to drive every summer from Michigan to Florida, and the only restaurant we could generally get our folks to pull over and sit down to a meal at was Cracker Barrel. Not Waffle House, though those dotted the highway just about as frequently as the grit-slinging Barrel did. Nostalgia is big when you are talking about food. When this place finally opens outside of the Silverton Casino, you can bet this Nerd will be there, getting a plate of some sort of gravy-covered, chicken fried, grits on the side, biscuits with it, type of dish. I will have my head down, really conflicted about whether to order the fried apple or the hash brown casserole on the side. Or maybe just both. Yeah, both. All my potentially redneckian friends are welcome to join me.  

Now go eat something. • Follow me at: @vegasfoodnerd
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