National Ice Cream Month - Baskin-Robbins by Vegas Food Nerd

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Baskin-Robbins Loves Ice Cream.  I know that is a shock to hear, right?  Well, in honor of National Ice Cream Month (July) they have introduced three really fun treats for customers to enjoy. 
First up is their USO Patriot Pop flavor, which is a red, white, and blue-looking and tasting blend of cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry-flavored ices.  It’s light and refreshing, and when you go to Baskin Robbins today, they will donate $.75 for every sale of their USO Patriot Pop floats to the USO, in honor of the USO’s 75th Anniversary. 
Their new flavor of the month is OREO Birthday cake.  It features chocolate cake-flavored ice cream with Birthday Cake OREO cookie pieces, frosting bits, and a candy confetti ribbon.  You can enjoy this one in a cup, cone, or as a milkshake. 
Their latest and probably my favorite ice cream creation that I’ve had the opportunity to sample is their new Polar Pizza.  We were lucky enough to try a variety of mash-ups of the pizzas—and they were all good.  My personal favorite was one with a chocolate cookie base, Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream, and crumbled Heath bars.  Yes, I died and went to heaven.  Polar Pizzas are so fun.  Guests can customize them any way they want online and pick up at their local Baskin-Robbins.  Sorry, ice cream cake.  I think I just found something I like better.  It’s not you, it’s me.  Can we still be friends? 
For more information go to or just go get a float today.  It benefits a good cause, and you will get a unique and refreshing summer treat.  It’s a win-win situation, people.  Now go and eat some ice cream.
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