STRIPLVDINING - Morels & BaskinRobbins by VegasFoodNerd



By Vegas Food Nerd

Located just off the lobby of The Palazzo Resort, Morels is a French Steakhouse that is easy to walk by without noticing it. While it does compete with big names like Delmonico’s, Cut, and Carnevino, Morels has a patio with views sure to make your date swoon with delight.  

And now they have introduced a new Wine Passport program, giving guests the chance to sample wines from around the globe, one glass at a time, due to their new 24-bottle Enomatic device that uses an inert gas preservation method to keep bottled wine tasting fresh for up to a month after opening.  

For $5, guests purchase their own passport, which looks and feels like a real passport, with the exception of its burgundy-colored cover. The new system enables the restaurant to serve wines by the glass that they usually had to sell by the bottle, which in the past only gave vino connoisseurs a chance to drink vintages from around the globe. When a customer tries a new wine, that selection will be stamped in their passport. For every 10 stamps, a free offering will be given out. And if you do indeed drink your way through all the selections in your passport, then the restaurant will enter you in a drawing to win a magnum bottle of Bruno Paillard Champagne. It is a loyalty program sure to make Paul Giamatti smile and wink.  

If weather permits, enjoy your selections on their spectacular patio, which has some of the best Strip views. And do indulge in their rich cheese selections and charcuterie, as well. On the night we visited and collected a few stamps in our passports, their cheese selection was just pure creamy decadence. I am still in a constant crave mode for blue cheese, and goat cheese. They also had cheeses to enjoy with a nice drizzle of honey, making for sweet and salty delight, which just helped to elevate the taste of the wines that we were enjoying for the evening. General Manager Louis Hirsh said: “We were excited about selling bottles of wine because we have such a good inventory, but we were leaving something on the table with our by-the-glass wine with such a good system. We invested in this great system, and we just wanted, no pun intended, to squeeze more juice out of the grape, so to speak.”  

—Take my advice and bring your date right at dusk to enjoy a beautiful desert sunset as the lights of Las Vegas Boulevard begin their nightly dance for you.


Custom-make your own ice cream sandwiches. Yes, you heard me right! Now in Las Vegas area locations of our favorite home of “31 Flavors,” you can choose from warm cookie ice cream sandwiches or your own ice cream doughnut sandwich. First you choose your cookie flavor, along with your favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor, and they will hook you up Coolhaus-style, with your own creation to devour. For the doughnuts: they split the doughnut in half, put your favorite flavor in the center, add a healthy drizzle of hot fudge, and put the other half of the doughnut on top.  

When I was given the opportunity to try these new yet gluttonous creations, the girl at the counter was sweet as could be, finding out what my favorite flavor was (Pralines ‘n Cream, in case anyone was wondering), and my cookie selection (Chocolate Chip). She then walked to the back for a few moments and returned with both a doughnut ice cream sandwich and the cookie sandwich, at the same time.  

It was a good thing that it was a pretty quiet day at this particular location, because thankfully, there weren’t too many people there to see me two-fisting a couple of ice cream sandwiches. An innocent passerby only had two things to assume about seeing me in that position: either I was having a really good day, or I’d hit rock bottom and was drowning my sorrows in ice cream. At that point I only had one other option—and that was to dig in. The cookie was good, gooey, and tasty. Surprisingly though, my favorite sandwich was the doughnut one. These new creations are good, messy, and fun. If you decide to get one, I’d suggest one at a time—or bring a friend in on the fun and share the experience. • Follow me at: @vegasfoodnerd

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