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BARE Organic Mixers
Look in your local Fresh & Easy and or Total Wine and More for a new mixer for your next big cocktail party. Bare mixers are the brainchild of Natalie Susi, a former English Professor who took her rock bottom moment and turned it into something golden. This Italian girl was selling Italian Ice at local farmer’s markets on the side to make a little extra money to add to her teacher’s salary. It was a recipe she learned from her father, and it was so tasty that whenever she was invited to her friends’ homes for parties, they always requested that she bring some of her signature ices to use as mixers for cocktails that they would create.

As fate would have it, the university that she was teaching at told her they were letting her go. Sitting on her couch, enjoying a drink that she had fashioned from one of her father’s signature recipes, suddenly a light bulb went off. What if she bottled this stuff and sold it to others for their drink mixers? Her rock bottom moment is now our city’s gain. 

Bare organic mixers come in three signature flavors: Margarita, Lemon Drop, and Pomegranate Cranberry Cosmopolitan. Currently Natalie is concocting some new mixers to please our palates, including some Bloody Mary mixers, and possibly a new flavor using Blood Orange. 

Not only is this young Italian entrepreneur taking the mixer market by storm and possibly giving the “Skinny Girl” brand a run for their money, but she has also started a podcast to share her biggest mistakes when first embarking on this business of hers. “It’s a chicken soup for the soul for the first time business owners out there,” she says. “We call it our ‘Biggest Mistakes’ and try to encourage new business owners to realize that sometimes our errors lead us to our greatest victories.” 

Aptly named, Bare mixers are organic, low-calorie (only 17 calories per serving), and just plain delectable. Use Bare organic mixers in your mixology arsenal to create a drink that will blow your guests’ minds—without inflating their waistlines. 

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