Avery's Coffee by Vegas Food Nerd



This little gem of a coffee shop has been delivering fresh-roasted, amazing-smelling coffee for Las Vegas for three years now.  

The owners are a couple of down-to-earth coffee addicts, who decided to open up the shop, rather than suffer from empty nest syndrome.  The day I visited with a friend, I decided to order tea, instead.  (Big mistake, really, considering they roast their own coffee).  Sigh.  Oh well, next time, then.  

I did however have the best cup of Earl Grey Tea that I have had in quite awhile.  After we got our drinks, we then ordered up a breakfast Panini for myself, and a blueberry muffin for my friend.  My crispy little sandwich was a healthy yet decadent creation, with eggs, kale relish, chipotle, bacon, and gooey cheddar.  My friend was equally happy with his order.  His muffin was large.  I know that sounds wrong, but hey, guys aren’t as worried about muffin size, as us girls.  It was a big and hot muffin that he seemed to enjoy thoroughly.  

The other cool thing about this out-of-the-way little spot is the way owners Sherman and Linda Ray have decorated the space.  It has a very homey feel and isn’t overrun with too many hipsters with their laptops and earphones that are at other coffee shops in town.  They even have a great online store that you can go to if the shop is too far out of your way to enjoy a steaming hot cup of their joe.  Go to to order or to send a gift.

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