By Vegas Food Nerd

I have to preface this month’s column by saying one simple truth: I love pizza.

I know, I know – not really a shocking confession or anything like that, but I will eat just about any kind of pizza. Doesn’t have to be the best pizza. If a piece of pizza is sitting in front of me, it will be eaten. That is why after reading in Robin Leach’s latest column that the new pizza joint at the newly opened and refurbished SLS actually flies their flour and water used to make their pizza dough directly from Naples, Italy, I knew I had to try this place, and fast.

This was the first time that my friend and I had checked out what the SLS was like after SBE switched it from the once iconic Sahara Hotel and Casino to the Miami Beach-themed casino that now sits on the same corner. Leave it to Las Vegas to not celebrate our history and just put something new up to placate a certain species of tourist at any given moment. The re-do of the hotel is impressive, though it just struck me as a bad fit for the type of guests that were walking around the casino floor: a bevy of fanny packs, Asian tourists, walkers, and nice Midwestern folks, who didn’t seem to be the match-up with this now Miami-feeling hotel.

Okay, on to 800 Degrees Pizza. The sleek black restaurant is a fast-styled casual restaurant, which sadly is all the rage of the younger demographic these days. I tend to go to a restaurant to get served, not to have to serve myself. We ordered a BLT Pizza, a pie with toppings listed on the menu board as bacon marmalade, arugula, and cherry tomatoes. We also ordered the Burrata Salad with beets and balsamic, as well as the Broccolini, wood-roasted with garlic, Calabrian chiles, and olive oil. Once we got to the front of the line, we also ordered a couple of Stellas, because, well, beer and pizza seem to just go together, at least to us anyway. This is where our meal started to go very wrong. Our salad was ready, so I grabbed it and headed to an open table while my friend went to get silverware, napkins, and also waited at the counter for our two beers. Well, he waited a while… so long that our fresh, piping hot pizza was delivered right in front of me while he kept on waiting. I had no plates, no beer and no utensils while this pizza sat in front of me. True torture for a pizza fiend like me. Finally they figured out that our beer was no longer available on tap and gave my friend an alternative choice. The guy did offer to refill it for free, but at this point our pizza was lukewarm and we were pretty bummed out. Then, on top of it all, they forgot to top our BLT Pizza with the arugula. At that point, we just enjoyed our somewhat warm pizza and didn’t mention it to anyone. Next time I visit the SLS I will try the noodle place. They actually make the noodles fresh in front of you through a big glass window. It looked amazing as we left and headed to our car.

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