by Vegas Food Nerd


The best part of living in our city, aside from the food, of course, is that many people travel to Vegas, and we often get a chance to take them out on the town and show them around. Now, by getting to search out and find more, and sample more unique cuisines, my palate has really grown and doesn’t always mesh with visiting guests. The Burger Bar has long been my go-to spot. This is not your typical burger restaurant, though any food fan like me wouldn’t be surprised to hear that. The brainchild and creator is the legendary Hubert Keller. His reputation as a high-end multiple award-winning chef is world renown. His other restaurant here in Vegas is Fleur, located in Mandalay Bay. The Burger Bar is just a short walk away from Fleur (well, a short walk for Vegas) and is located in Mandalay Place. Keller’s Burger Bar is a surefire selection for three important reasons: 1. It’s a casual fun atmosphere; no one has to stress out about what to wear. 2. It can accommodate just about any diet – raw foods, vegans, and other dieters, alike. 3. Who doesn’t love a good burger?

Gourmet Burger restaurants have popped up in just about every corner of the Vegas Valley. Hubert Keller and his Burger Bar have long been credited for creating this craze that has not only caught on here, but across the country. You wouldn’t think a chef who built his reputation on healthy yet delicious food would be the burger icon that he is. Take it from me, though, no matter what burger you thought was the best, one at The Burger Bar is better. Also, the invasion of the sweet potato fries has to be a Keller trend, as well. I had never had them before when I first sampled them years ago at Burger Bar, but now it seems a commonplace item to find. The Keller-created menu offers fresh salads, chicken wings, a variety of fries, and of course, burgers. You can take one of two options: build your burger from the ground up, or choose from one of the Chef’s burger creations. I’d highly recommend going with a chef selection, which is served with skinny fries though. Always a sucker for the buttermilk- dipped zucchini fries, I generally upgrade to those. If you want to build your own creation, you will be floored by the amount of selections to choose from. They offer multiple grades of beef, buffalo (the most tender I’ve ever tasted), ground turkey, salmon, chicken breast, veggie burger, and a vegan option made with portobellos and other grilled veggies. The toppings offered are just as diverse. Feel like a lobster tail on your burger? Go for it. Truffles shaved on top of the moist succulent burger of your choice? They have that, too. Then after all those choices, you still get to pick your bun. I am partial to the ciabatta, but you could also opt for an onion bun, whole wheat, or the traditional classic. Their chicken wings are also off-the-charts, and perfectly crisp, and served at whatever heat level you can handle. Trust us and save room for a build-your-own milkshake, in which you create your own fantasy ice cream experience with a shot of liquor and homemade whipped cream for the perfect finish to the meal.

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