The wild-haired Food Network star is setting his sights on Vegas for his newest restaurant endeavor. In “foodie” circles, the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives star is highly controversial. Upon the announcement of his soon to be opened casual dining concept at The Quad, food columnists, bloggers and reviewers were quick to take to the snarky comments and nasty comments about the Chef and his new concept about to takeover Las Vegas. I, for one, always the “Food Nerd” and definitely not the “Food Snob”, welcome the arrival of this UNLV Alumni.

His dedication to coming back to our city time and time again and highlighting local restaurants here in town helps our community to thrive. Chris from Naked City Pizza said: “He (Guy) is a champion of small restaurants. He gives small places like us a chance at National exposure, something you could never get. Our business is boosted every time our episode is aired.” Lola, from her restaurant here of the same name, agrees: “Guy doubled my revenue and brought really cool people in here. I’ve been to his restaurant in Santa Rosa and will definitely be going to his new one at The Quad”. STRIPLV will be going too!


Chef Ogden is back in Las Vegas, much to our city’s delight, except this time, the acclaimed chef is hitting the suburbs with his new laidback concept at Tivoli Village.

This time his Vegas invasion is a much more relaxed version from his more upscale formal dining experience that was once “the” place to be seen while you eat. I remember the gossip channels buzzing about how the entire cast of Friends ate there for the sitcom’s end-of-show farewell party. When I went, I simply didn’t “get” it. Though to be fair, it was at the height of the foam sauce trend that so many Chefs were doing at the time. Why they wanted diners to be reminded of soap bubbles while they ate their dish was beyond me. But the dessert, as I recall, was pretty mind-blowing. So with that in mind, the idea that he was coming back to town with a more casual concept appealed to me.

The interior of the new restaurant is simple with wooden tables and some nice wooden booths to sit and chat in. The bar has its specials up in chalk and features some very unique beer selections, as well as some interesting beer cocktails that looked pretty tempting. There were some nice antique elements to the interior as well, from antique kitchen appliances to the beautifully done tin ceiling. I also like the uniforms, which made the wait staff look like really good-looking auto mechanics, without the grease.

The menu is casual with enough flair to entice the more sophisticated palates that may join you for a meal here. I have had the opportunity to dine here a few times, and there were a couple of dishes that really stood out. First, the one that actually brought me back, was their side of grilled artichoke with lemon and crispy capers served alongside a tasty aioli sauce. This was so good – I have repeatedly ordered it at every visit since. On one occasion with a couple of friends I ordered the Short Rib Patty Melt. It’s a decadently gooey sandwich with tender short ribs, Gruyere cheese, grilled onions and their fancy sauce cheese (not guilt-free by any means, but worth every bite). Another standout that I highly recommend is their Pan Seared Halibut. It is a beautiful presentation of the perfectly seared fish served on top of a bed of bacon corn chowder – just perfect. There are many options on the menu for a variety of taste preferences, from their Steak and Fries to Fish and Chips to the Ogden highly-praised Burger and some great salads with fresh and flavorful ingredients. The Bib Lettuce Salad, in particular, with its cubed roasted beets and the goat cheese crepe was a big standout. To finish things up, I highly recommend the Warm Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes that are served alongside a milk chocolate custard – perfect for dipping. The donut holes were the highlight of my meal from Ogden’s more formal incarnation at Caesars.

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