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There are many options for brunch in Vegas. Generally it is considered “girly” to brunch, but thankfully to many of the smart and keen-minded individuals here in town, it is now ok for the dudes to brunch, too. It is a no-brainer, guys. If ladies love to brunch and you are coming to Las Vegas to meet a few lovely ladies, then maybe brunch should be your new favorite thing then, too.


The look of Bagatelle is appealing as soon as you walk into their nighttime part of the venue. There are pretty chandeliers and appealing colors. Just after our visit, the owners have now transitioned to let customers choose between dining indoors in the chandelier bar, or dining on the patio – or if you are rolling VIP-style, you can dine in your own cabana right by the pool. The temperature and the time of year will definitely affect your decision on that, and in the desert heat of August, I’d advise choosing the indoor option.

On our visit, the weather and the breeze were perfect, so we sat at their patio, which overlooked the pool and all those tanning and worshipping the sun gods and goddesses. No brunch is really a brunch, in my opinion, without a good Bloody Mary, so we ordered up a few of those to get us going. They were lined with a nice spicy salt and filled up with all the necessary additions, such as olives, pickles, and spicy peppers. The Bloody Mary is a genius concoction. It’s not just a drink; it’s a mini meal, too. If I had been hung over, (which thankfully I wasn’t) it would have done the trick. Next we had to try their fresh guacamole and salsa, which were fresh and light next to the chips that were hot, crispy and salty.

Probably my favorite part of the meal was their take on Fried Zucchini. Always one of my favorite things, but their take on it was truly scrumptious. They were little coins that had been dipped into some kind of Boursin-like cheese, and fried crispy – just really good.

Next we tried their Steak Salad and my friend ordered the Fish Tacos. Both were good and cooked very well. The salad was Thai-style and featured Soy Marinated Steak, Pickled Carrots and a nice Miso Vinaigrette. The Fish Tacos were a blackened Mahi, drizzled with an Avocado Crema and featured their fresh salsa that we had with our chips earlier.

The chef, who to my “Food Nerd” delight, had worked with the likes of Michael Mina and Gordon Ramsey (both nice guys, he said, in case you were wondering) is really creating a small, yet appealing menu for brunchers to enjoy. He seemed to be at ease and happy in his Miami feeling restaurant. He stopped by to check on all the diners and made sure all were happy with their meals.

To end the meal, we ordered their fruit tray, which they serve with a side of Greek yogurt that has been swirled with honey. It was the perfect end to the meal. With bikini clad ladies and men all around us to enjoy, we figured the fruit was a better choice to end the meal, than something a little more decadent. So, in closing, I encourage all of you dudes to give brunch a second chance. Trust me, all the girls love going, and if you don’t believe me, then go next door to Hooters, or down the way to see some Twin Peaks.

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