By Vegas Food Nerd

On a recent road trip to Reno, Nevada, my husband and I decided to take a little side trip to visit one of Reno’s most historic spots. The world famous Mustang Ranch is a legal brothel, tucked away in a majestic mountain setting, and in the center of it all is the Mustang Ranch Lounge and The Wild Horse Saloon. Anyone can visit the Lounge and Saloon, and check out the legendary establishment.

We were first struck by how beautiful the Ranch was. Just moments off the freeway we were transported to this idyllic setting with warm wooden tones, and accents. As we walked in, we were greeted warmly by the staff and settled into their comfortable, luxurious leather seating. The lighting is romantically dim, and there was a pretty girl dancing on the pole giving my husband just the right amount of eye candy to enjoy while we dined.

The menu features a wide variety of selections with many options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was early evening, and we decided to try a few items from the dinner menu. My husband ordered the ribeye steak, and I decided to order the halibut encrusted with horseradish. I love anything horseradish related so I couldn’t resist ordering it. While we were waiting for the chef to prepare our meals, our gracious host made sure our drinks were cold and continued throughout the evening to give us some of the best service that we had in quite some time.

We started our meal with an order of The Mustang Lounge’s coconut shrimp, and the shrimp were sweet, savory and crunchy and were served alongside a dipping sauce that tasted like a Pi-ńa colada. They were delicious. Next came our salads (included with the dinner), which were fresh and tasty. Our meals came out shortly after we’d devoured the shrimp and salads. I ordered my halibut with their mashed potatoes instead of the rice pilaf. My husband opted for the baked potato to go with his steak as well. My fish was perfectly cooked. It had a nice crunch to the crust from being encrusted in panko as well as the horseradish. You could taste the horseradish, but it wasn’t overpowering at all. The vegetables served on the side were nicely seasoned, and my mashed potatoes were some of the best that I’d ever had at any restaurant. Even my husband whose steak was perfectly seared agreed that they were terrific. The food was served so quickly and was so hot that everything stayed warm the entire time we dined. The portions were generous, and we enjoyed every bite.

After you finish your meal, the staff invites you to take a tour of the rest of the resort, and I highly recommend you do. Don’t let a reality show from HBO influence you on what a legal brothel is. The world famous Mustang Ranch is beautifully maintained, and the different theme rooms are fun to check out. And a big bonus to me was that I could personally thank their chef for the delectable meal she prepared for us. After our visit, we talked about how much we enjoyed our meal and compared it to places in Las Vegas that are all too eager to over-charge the unsuspecting tourist. The experience we had at The Mustang Lounge in Sparks, Nevada rivaled some of Las Vegas’s top steakhouses, and the price is a fraction of what they charge here in Las Vegas. I look forward to our return visit and eating my way around the rest of their menu. It’s a sexy dining experience that every couple should experience.

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