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By Brittany Santos

STRIPLV: You are in the upcoming film Black Water featuring the blockbuster action star talents of Dolph Lundgren, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, set to hit in 2018. What was it like to work with the iconic action stars?

WALTZ: Working on Black Water was amazing. I fell in love with Mobile, Alabama. The people, the vibe, it’s completely opposite of Los Angeles and was very refreshing. Not to mention working with Jean-Claude was amazing, major bucket list shit. It was like doing an action crash course I learned so much working with him. His choreography was unreal to witness, and he’s a true action legend. The whole crew was amazing too. I loved every second of the filming process.

STRIPLV: Tell us about your other upcoming movie releases.

WALTZ: Before Black Water, I shot a comedy film called All-Star Weekend which was written and directed by Jamie Foxx where I play sort of a mischievous Russian. And then there’s House Red, a horror film I just completed that I got to shoot in Tuscany Italy. I also just shot a sci-fi show called Blade of Honor where I play the ships intel, a hologram named Havi. So yes it’s been a blessed year for sure.

STRIPLV: Who is your idol in the entertainment industry?

WALTZ: I’d have to say my idol in entertainment would go out to all the women who have braved the storms and stayed strong through all of the trying times throughout the years. But if we’re talking specifically, and I get to pick favorites, then Frances McDormand all day. I’m praying she wins the Oscar this year. She’s fucking brilliant and always has been my absolute favorite!

STRIPLV: What has been your favorite project that you have worked on so far?

WALTZ: I am so grateful to get any project ever, and honestly I have no favorites, but I’d have to say Black Water was definitely special because it was the most challenging for me. The dialogue mixed with the intense action scenes, the guns, the 12-hour days, completing that job definitely gave me the greatest sense of satisfaction. I felt empowered, like if I pulled that off there’s nothing I can’t do.

STRIPLV: While we were shooting with Santodonato for this issue you auditioned for a role. Tell us how the audition process works now in Hollywood now.

WALTZ: Auditioning, thank god isn’t like it used to be. Most of it, if not all is self-tape or an offer which has saved me my sanity. I don’t know how or why, but auditioning still makes me so nervous; it’s like I’m a complete dummy the minute I walk in the door. Put me on set with A-list actors, and I’m totally fine but throw me in the room with an intern and a camera, and I turn into a total freak.

STRIPLV: What advice would you give to other women on how to feel comfortable in their own skin, and what makes a woman truly beautiful to you?

WALTZ: I think what makes women truly beautiful comes from kindness and empathy. I love myself the most when I have a solid spiritual foundation and focus my energy and prayers on others rather than myself. Getting out of my own head, doubts and fears allows me to be present, and when I’m in that space it’s so apparent, and I’m attracting greatness from everywhere.

STRIPLV: What was it like returning to Celebrity Big Brother?

WALTZ: My second time on CBB was absolutely fucking brutal! I almost walked a few times. I was physically ill, starving, sleep deprived, a hot mess! Every day is like an eternity in there. If I’d had only known that I’d be out in 13 days and straight to Alabama to shoot Black Water It would have made the whole experience much more bearable, but hey the money was great, and I survived.

STRIPLV: What is your take on the Kardashian phenomenon?

WALTZ: Ah, the Kardashians. I actually wish I still had cable TV so that I could watch it. I think it’s a lot of girls’ guilty pleasure. I kind of wish I was their cousin or some shit so I could have their leftover wardrobes.

STRIPLV: At one time, you were a target for paparazzi chaos and TMZ invasion on your private life. What was that like, and how did you deal with it?

WALTZ: The whole paparazzi situation was really tough on me. It was so invasive I had to break my lease and move to a gated community so they couldn’t walk up to my door. I don’t think anyone is ever really prepared for that. But I certainly have grown some thick skin over the years.

STRIPLV: What career move would you change if you could?

WALTZ: If I were to change anything in my career it would have been my representation. It’s very important in this business to be in good hands and have a solid team working with you.

STRIPLV: What is the ultimate job you are hoping to land in the industry?

WALTZ: I’d love to star in an epic, binge-worthy show. I’m such a fan of them, on all the new TV platforms, and I get so invested in the characters too. I think it would be so awesome to have people call and know me by a certain character’s name and dress like me for Halloween (Laughing) That would be the best!

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