By Lainie Speiser

I’ve been known as Miss Lainie for long as I can remember: It began when I was a little girl waiting for the school bus. Our next-door neighbor Mr. Myer, heading to work, would ritualistically make a pit stop where I would sit on my stoop, tip his fedora and say, “Good Morning Miss.” And then when my Mom was pissed off at me, which was frequent, would say, “Miss Lainie thinks getting a C on a math test is perfectly fine.” Then when I started working at my first adult entertainment job at Gallery Magazine, I became known as Mistress Lainie and was gifted a riding crop by a fellow employee. Friday was Krispy Kreme Day, and the publisher would have me get on the intercom and announce they were in the conference room with coffee and I would say, “Attention please, your attention, please. This is your Donut Dominatrix ordering you to get your sorry porn peddling asses into the conference room for breakfast, right NOW!” And then I would go from office to office with my riding crop scooting people out of their chairs.
Now I bring “Miss Lainie” to my husband David like this: 

“Mr. Healy! Mr. Healy?” I call from the bedroom. 

He always dutifully comes upstairs and quick. 

“Yes, Miss Lainie?” he asks.

“Do you want to keep this job?” I ask sitting at my desk wearing a short, dark haired bob-style wig, nylons, heels and not much else. 

“Yes Miss Lainie, I really need this job.” 

I look him over and say, “Then take off all of your clothes and get on that bed. 

I want to get laid.” 

In my last column, I talked about having submissive leanings, but I also enjoy indulging in the art of feminine domination or being a femme-domme. Instead of asking your partner for what you want, you order your partner around, and it’s been my experience that most men truly enjoy following sexual orders. 

Men are turned on by women who know what they want and enjoy, and they very much enjoy being sexually objectified. They enjoy being surprised with an ass slap or squeeze, a (careful) crotch grab and other forms of playful sexual harassment. It’s a refreshing change from always feeling it’s up to them to make the moves. 

A lot of women complain they don’t get enough sex at home, which always surprises me because isn’t the big perk in being in a monogamous relationship having dick anytime you want? If you’re in the mood, don’t wait— take. 

You don’t have to get into costume if that’s not your thing, but it’s fun and helps the fantasy along. Its mixing role play with domination, and it’s very empowering. If you don’t feel your man goes down on you unless you ask, don’t ask, just sit on his face, or say, “Lick me until I come, right now.”  The “ordinary you” may not have the stones to say this, but the you that’s wearing clothes you normally don’t wear, with your hair in a different style, like a bun or a wig and he you that put on those pointy, red-bottom spike heels will definitely be able to channel your inner femme domme. Leather and latex are not necessarily essential, and I personally find latex to be a big, sweaty pain in the ass, but it’s all about whatever makes you feel different, sexy and confident.  

Some women don’t want to do any physical labor when it comes to coitus, so I say, don’t. Become a “Pillow Princess” and wear a rhinestone tiara (I know you have at least one in your closet) if that’s what it takes to help get what you want. 

I hear other women lament that their partner doesn’t know what he’s doing down there and are too embarrassed and feel too awkward to give instruction. When you’re in femme-domme mode, you can say exactly what you want and how you like it. “Use one finger inside while you lick my clit,” you can command or “When I say it feels good, that is not an invitation to stop what you’re doing.” Grab him by the hair and ask him, “Did I say you should stop? Keep fucking me like this until I tell you to stop.” Act like you’re using him. Men like to feel sexually used because it means they are useful. 

Women, in general, are taught to be nice, but a little vinegar in the honey can make things very tasty. I like to spontaneously threaten to do things to my man, like stick a family pack of generic toothbrushes, handle first, one by one up his ass and make him my peacock. I have not actually done it, but I enjoy saying it, and I like knowing that I could if I wanted to. Tell him he’s your sex slave or going to blowjob jail where bad boys who think about bad things go. Be creative and have fun with it. Be spontaneous. Keep your pantyhose that got a run and save it for when you want to blindfold or tie him up while you do whatever type of “experiments” you want with his body. Play with his penis and when it gets hard literally lead him by the hard on to wherever you want to go in the house. Start slow, you don’t want to scare him if you’ve never shown this side of yourself, but chances are he will say, “Help, help I’m being raped,” with a big smile on his face.

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