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Tijuana, Mexico, located on the California Baja just over the border from San Diego, is a place where myths are real and legendary stories come to life.  It’s a place that has been featured in movies and bandied about in pop culture.  It has often been portrayed as a seedy, dirty place where prostitution runs rampant and you can even watch a whore fuck a donkey for the right number of pesos.  

While much about this Mexican border town has changed over the years – for example, the nefarious donkey show is nothing more than folklore perpetuated by drunkards who will swear they saw it – for those who want to have sex, if you can’t get laid in Tijuana, you simply can’t get laid anywhere.

Let’s start with the basics.

Prostitution is 100% legal in Tijuana! However, you cannot solicit a prostitute just anywhere. The city’s red light district designated a Zona de tolerancia, or “tolerance zone,” is the only place where legal prostitution can occur.  And legal prostitution within Tijuana requires prostitutes to not only have a permit but be subjected to health exams every three weeks. Brothels in the city, modeled after hostess clubs and strip clubs, must meet specific health regulations such as cleanliness standards, fixed hours of operation, and maintain a certain distance from day-care centers and schools.

While there are no clear-cut official boundaries to the red light district, it has been well-established that the area runs from Baja California on the north to Calle Primera on the south and from Avenida Miguel F. Martinez on the west to Avenida Revolucion on the east.  The highest concentration of both club and street prostitutes in this area can be found on the block that is bordered by Primer Callejon Coahuila on the south and Calle Coahuila on the north. 

If you go to one of the clubs or bars in the red light district, you can get just about any girl for the right price.  Same goes for massage parlors.  At the higher end places, prices start at around $60 USD during the week and $80 USD on a busy weekend for around 30 minutes of action.  Looks-wise, as they say, there is something for everyone: short, tall, fat, thin, dark skinned, light-skinned, young, old, short hair, long hair, shaved pussy, bushy, big tits, small tits, whatever it is your little heart desires.

The girls who work on the callejones, or alleys, are very much the same as those in the clubs but are referred to as paraditas.  Meaning “the standing girls” in Spanish, that’s just what they do.  Unlike in the U.S., where prostitutes are referred to as streetwalkers because they walk the streets, here the girls just stand in one place to advertise their services.

Because paraditas have been considered part of Tijuana’s cultural history, attempts to force them off the streets have been futile and now the policía simply look the other way.  But, whatever you do, don’t be blatant about trying to pick one up while they are within close proximity; at least show some respect for the authorities and wait for them to leave the area before approaching one.

If you decide to go for one of the street girls, there are a few things you should know.  First, they are either illegal prostitutes who do not have permits, or they are legal prostitutes who simply do not like to work in the bars or clubs because of the loud music and cigarette smoke.  Second, while they tend to look a little younger than the club girls, you have to be extra careful because underage prostitution is pretty common.  And while the age of consent in Mexico is 16, prostitutes must be at least 18 and if you are an American, sex with anyone under the age of 18 (even if she is not a prostitute and even if she gave her consent) is a felony and is prosecutable.  So, be warned.

Depending on the time of the day and day of the week, and depending on what you’re looking for, you can get missionary sex from a street prostitute for about $20 USD and full on half hour session of multi-position fucking and sucking for $45 USD with an hour for around $60 USD.  Primetime (Friday and Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.) will usually be more expensive than say from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. where you can easily find a hooker then too.

Regardless of which prostitutes you pick, keep a few things in mind.  One, always wear a condom, even if you’re just getting a blowjob.  If you don’t, you are playing Russian roulette.  Going bareback may feel better, but you are risking your life.  Just consider how many people she has blown or fucked before you.  Business is brisk in this part of town.  Two, think twice about eating pussy, refer to number uno above.  Three, don’t wear flashy jewelry or any jewelry for that matter.  Street prostitutes could give a fuck less if you have money or not and the less you show you have, the better your odds are of not getting robbed.

Well, that’s about all you need to know.  You are now prepared to hit the streets to search for a little panochita!

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