by Jack Wellington


There’s something about the fabrics used for lingerie and erotic apparel that is such a turn on – whether it’s latex, leather, lace or even metal wear, there’s something sexy for everyone. The largest lingerie show held in the U.S. – The Las Vegas International Show – hits the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino April 8th-10th, 2013. Buyers come from all over the world to see this show. Here are some seductive selections that will get you ready for role-play, S&M, or a hot night out on the town feeling sexy all under.

702-474-2991 •

This erotic studio takes personal reservations for those who want a discreet moment to custom-design their own night of pleasure, while welcoming walk-ins to discover what makes their partner scream with delight. The Studio Fetish Boutique is home to the world-renowned P.E.S. (Paradise Electro Stimulations, including the Auto-Erotic Chair and is the original innovator of Erotic Electro Stimulation, making it the one-stop shop for amazing electrical pleasure delights. The Studio also offers a huge variety of mild to wild erotica from fetish, S&M, light bondage, leather and latex apparel and is located in the industrial district for a perfectly “private outing”.

Zip-Front Garter Dress (black or red in XS-XL, $264.95) Moulded Latex Stockings (black, red, blue, or purple in S-XL, $54.95), Heavy Rubber Medium Corset (black, in waist sizes 20” to 36”, starting at $354.95), Latex Mini-Frill Skirt (various colors in XS-3X, starting at $99.95) Latex Wrist Gloves (various colors, Sizes 6-9, starting at $24.95). All latex garments are high quality latex from companies like Syren and Polymorphe.
The Studio Fetish Boutique Las Vegas
702-474-2991 •

Latex Elbow and
Shoulder Length Gloves
These sexy shiny latex gloves are a basic staple in a latex fetishist’s closet. The Shoulder Length gloves are available in red or black, and the Elbow Length gloves are available in red, black, blue and purple. Both come in sizes from S to XL starting at $24.95. The Studio Fetish Boutique Las Vegas • 702-474-2991 •


STRIPLV: How did you get started in the Fetish clothing wholesale and retail business?
FRANZ: About 20 years ago, I found out that nobody in this country was manufacturing it, when customers were asking me for it. I researched it and found out that there were no leather, latex or patent leather manufacturers here in the U.S. I decided to go back to Germany, where I’m from, and started finding companies to buy from.
STRIPLV: What countries do you import your stockings and latex from?
FRANZ: Mostly from Germany and Poland.
STRIPLV: Do you specialize in plus sizes and particular fetishes?
FRANZ: Yes. The latex comes up to 3X and the leather comes up to 3X. My corsets come up to a 46”- 48” waist, and the stockings go up to 10X.
STRIPLV: What percentage of your business is wholesale, compared to retail and Internet?
FRANZ: Wholesale – maybe 30%, Internet and Ebay – maybe 20%, and 50% retail.
STRIPLV: Tell us about your fetish parties that you throw in Las Vegas.
FRANZ: We’re trying to, but it’s very, very difficult because Las Vegas has a lot of rules here. We are trying to do something in April or May with Hustler. We’ve been doing some parties with the Hustler store. I do business with them wholesale with the lingerie and they feature it in their stores. We suggest that people come in wearing their fetish outfits, because the last party we did there we provided furniture for demonstrations, so people could play and have a good time there.
STRIPLV: Please describe The Black Room’s clientele: Dom’s, Sub’s, Straight, Gay, Tourists, etc.
FRANZ: Around 85% of my customers are tourists from all over the country and the world. They’ve researched my website and when they come in, they know exactly what I have. Some of them are in the lifestyle, so they’re looking for some certain outfits. Some are newbies that come in because of that new book 50 Shades of Grey. They buy the basic handcuffs and blindfolds.
STRIPLV: Can you provide custom wear for your clients?
FRANZ: Yes. I have two latex manufacturers who do custom for ladies and for guys. I also have a leather guy who does custom jackets, coats, jumpsuits and pants.
STRIPLV: How much of your business is made up of lingerie sales / i.e. stockings, lingerie, corset sets to hard-core bondage sets, masks, latex, etc?
FRANZ: Basic lacy lingerie is maybe 20% of my sales. 40% is bondage and 40% latex. My retail prices are very reasonable for tourists, so they love it.
STRIPLV: What’s your favorite country and food?
FRANZ: The last couple of times I’ve gone back home to Germany. When I was growing up it was still East and West Germany. This summer I’m going and will see parts of the East that I’ve never seen before. I like Thai food, of all things. My late wife was Chinese, so Oriental food like Chinese, Japanese and Thai is very flavorful, while German food is so bland.
STRIPLV: Most outlandish sex story/party/play scene that you’ve seen or been involved with?
FRANZ: Once a year, when the AVN comes to Vegas, there is a company that comes to Vegas called The Tribe. It’s by invitation only, and they have 2 or 3 suites up at the Venetian and it’s very serious play. It gets very intense up there!

BLACK Leather set WITH Heavy pointed studs toP & bottom
This beautiful black leather top & bottom set (on right) is heavily accented with decorative pointed studs in its halter-style top with adjustable straps at neck, back, and bust – for a perfect fit. Bottoms have 3 buckles.
The Black Room Las Vegas • 702-685-8688 • TheBlackRoomLasVegas.

Bad Attitude Boutique
Bad Attitude Boutique 4011 W. Sahara Ave. #5 Las Vegas, NV 89102
702-646-9669 •

When you step inside Bad Attitude Boutique – The Corset Store, your eyes are bombarded with hundreds of sexy costumes, petticoats and tutus hanging around the room. The magnificent in-stock selection includes over 1,000 handmade corsets in a plethora of colors, shapes and styles, from petite to “lusty”. If you want something unique or have special needs, designer Tushell Lieberman will work with you personally, to create the fantasy creation of your desires. All corsets are hand cut and sewn individually with the highest quality parts and fabrics. This is a sassy size and gender-friendly establishment with great customer service.

Perfecting the female body is this exquisite Night Owl Corset in purple iridescent silk. Photo: Mark K. Hollinger • Bad Attitude Boutique
702-646-9669 •

Feel the luxurious decadence of silk in this corset that they won’t be able to take their eyes off of.
Photo: Mark K. Hollinger • Bad Attitude Boutique
702-646-9669 •

Black stewardess uniform with long sleeves, hat & pin
Ready for delightful flights. Black dress with sparkling and transparent long sleeves, plus a black shiny and opaque look on the two breast pockets, collar and wristcuffs convince each passenger of a comfortable flight. Gold-colored Baci Airlines pin and shiny black hat accent this sexy uniform.

Flower Lace Halter Negligee
in Charcoal Grey
This charcoal grey mono-kini, which particularly impresses with its transparent front and revealing rear view, is a revelation of the sweet life. Its opulent floral ornamentation is a sensual and contrasting detail that seductively caresses you and completely accentuates your charm.

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