Caesars "ENLISTING HEROES" An Intelligent and Great Idea

An Intelligent and Great Idea
by Marla Santos


Caesars Entertainment has launched a new program called “Enlisting Heroes,” aimed at bolstering its workforce through the employment of U.S. military veterans.

An event held inside the Penn & Teller Theater at the Rio served as an introduction for the new hiring strategy. The program in Nevada is extremely relevant because of Nellis Air Force Base and the heavy population of reserve and military veterans that are here. Currently, Caesars has more than 10,000 job opportunities available across the country and about 500 positions available in the State of Nevada.


“Like the U.S. military, Caesars Entertainment is also a large, complex and diversified organization,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Loveman, as he addressed the group.

To my surprise, as some Caesars senior level executives to front-line casino workers were introduced, they were former military people. Therein lies the secret that makes me understand why this endeavor is being put together with such enthusiasm. They know from experience that it’s not simply because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the smart thing to do: offer job opportunities to other military veterans. At its foundation, the “Enlisting Heroes” initiative seeks to harness the skills and aptitudes veterans acquire throughout their military career and apply them to the business world. Citing honor, courage, loyalty, leadership, accountability, drive and dedication as the skills Caesars seeks in its employees, company hiring officials note the desirability among the veteran population to embody these characteristics. Additionally, the sense of duty and the abilities to analyze, decide, communicate and motivate, make veterans ideal candidates to contribute to the company’s overall success.

The “Enlisting Heroes” event drew a large response, and attendees were offered a wonderful array of “small bites” that included soup, appetizers and desserts set out for all to enjoy. Computers were set up for registration and there were a houseful of top executives and marketing personnel available to answer questions. Then there were special performances from Caesars headliners, including Penn & Teller. After Stephanie Mason from Million Dollar Quartet sang the national anthem, Jeff Civillico got the group laughing with his funny routine. Six Jubilee showgirls danced to “Viva Las Vegas”. MJ Live and cast members danced and sang to “Beat It”; The Rat Pack Is Back sang “The Lady is a Tramp” and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks closed it out with the touching song “19” that includes the lyrics:

“Voted captain of the high school football team
Got a scholarship to play down in Tennessee
But on the day those Twin Towers came down,
He marched right in with a few good men
And joined the marines at nineteen.”

Talking with some of the military people at the event, they seemed cautiously optimistic about the job opportunities. It must be very hard to make the transition from military to civilian life and business, but a brochure entitled Bring Your “A” Game was supplied to everyone attending. It was excellently put together – informative, while covering issues like: how to identify your skills, translating your military experience into a resume, choosing your references, and interviewing tips.

With approximately 70,000 employees at more than 50 properties, a visit to any Caesars property promises to be filled with top-notch entertainment, fine dining, and the excitement of casino games. Let’s hope and pray that some of our “Heroes” get to find a new life in some of the open positions.

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