The mind and sex are so intrinsically linked that many experts are now recommending meditation techniques to improve the quality of their client’s romps in the bedroom.

Think about it.  Most of us have stress, frustration, and woes.  Meditation as a form of stress relief is a common remedy for everyday stressors, add that same technique with your partner and mind blowing sex is in your future.  When you feel incredibly stressed out, are you in the mood for sex?  More than likely that’s when you pass on a good roll in the hay.  Are you feeling fatigued, not enough sleep?  That’s not a big sexual motivator either.  In fact, that’s the number one reasons couples aren’t having sex per top therapists.  Scientist’s studying the brain have found that the euphoric state reached while meditating releases the same dopamine as an incredible orgasm.  That euphoria is also and all natural stimulant to the body.  Perking up yet?

So how do you get to all that euphoria and incorporate this into your life?  Here are few tips to help you get started.


Commit at least 5 minutes a day to trying meditation.  There are plenty of guided meditations available on YouTube if you feel stuck on how to begin.  If that feels a bit silly or doesn’t help you focus, then simply find a quiet space where you can sit for five minutes, close your eyes and just focus on your breathing and the sensations in your body.

Mindful Masturbation

Set aside some real time for yourself.  Start by taking cleansings breaths and do your best to clear your mind.  Then start exploring your body.  How does it feel when you caress your face, rub your body, and or play with your nipples?  Try and focus on every sensation and what part of your body feels best while you pleasure it.  Feel free to bring a toy into this process if you like.  If you want to bring your partner in on this practice, have them in the same room watching, paying attention to how your body moves as you work it into climax.  Maybe considering blindfolding, yourself to immerse you deeper into a meditative state.  When you do reach orgasm, continue your cleansing breaths and allow yourself to truly enjoy the experience.  Share the feelings and the experience with your partner.  Find some real sexual truths with them and share which parts of your body helped you to orgasm.

Feel Each Other’s Bodies 

Have your partner join you in the bedroom and get into the bed with you nude.  Spend at least 10 minutes just touching each other’s bodies without having any sex.  Breathe deeply, and slowing feel your partner’s body.  When and what part of the body makes them writhe with pleasure?  Massage their temples and try and feel what is in their mind.  Do they feel truly relaxed?  Are they giving in to just feeling?  Meditation is about focusing the brain in the present moment, and this is no different.  Be a mindful of them, their body, and how their body responds to you.  

Bringing it into The Bedroom

First and foremost, take the pressure off.  The goal isn’t just to climax and be done with the whole thing.  Set some time with your partner where you aren’t rushed, when it’s quiet, and you can truly try to focus on each other.  Start as slowly as possible try and vibe your partner as best you can.  Give plenty of foreplay and caresses before you get to the act itself.  Feel your partner’s rhythm, and thrust slowly.  Try matching your breathing with your movements.  Then see if you can connect with your lover’s brain using your mirror neurons, which are like tiny boomerangs emitted from your brain to partner’s creating an almost psychic connection.  Be as present and tuned in as you can.  It might take a few practice sessions for either of you to even reach orgasm, but that isn’t really what this is all about.  Does it feel good?  Keep with that feeling until bigger and bigger sensations quake throughout your bodies.

The bottom line is to be open to a deeper connection in your relationship.  Giving into these feelings, and truly opening up to them is something that will only enrich your love and hopefully open you up to some pretty earth shaking climaxes.

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