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Surprise her with a second round of lovemaking. Flip her around when you are ready and have her head dangle slightly off the bed in a round of missionary that is sure to make her a bit lightheaded, and in turn will give you a sexy view of her as you mount her and send her into another round of earthshaking orgasms.

Don’t forget the cuddle. While most of us cave men like to do our business and then move on to hunting dinosaurs, your partner will appreciate and reciprocate even more if you remember to caress and cuddle post your previous romp. Gently rub her back and tell her how beautiful she is. It will only enhance that second round that we recommended.

As men, we forget at times, how arousing the foreplay can be. As much as it is important to remember post coital interactions, females especially appreciate the foreplay more than most of us dudes do. Move slow, kiss her gently, kiss her ears, kiss her neck. Trust us, it will increase the urgency for her to grab you close and pull you inside her.

While it is not too good to be full of ourselves when having a sexual encounter, all of us like to be desired. When making love to your partner, say their name like it is the biggest turn-on on the planet. It will make them feel sexier, and want to be sexier, which in turn will make the experience for both of you even that much hotter.

Put a ring on it. And by that, we mean your cock. I know it sounds a bit naughty, but by introducing a vibrating cock ring to your party, it is dual pleasure for both of you. The man gets to enjoy a little vibration action, while the girl gets increased clitoral stimulation. It also helps the man to get a bigger, harder erection, and who doesn’t want that?

A little role-playing is never a bad idea. Find out her inner Zorro fantasy and oblige her by donning a cape and mask. It can be fun and silly, but the thought you put into making her happy will make her feel appreciated and oh-so sexy.

Play your song. Is there a tune that hits the radio that gets both of you going and/or sentimental? Dance for your partner, use a lot of eye contact, and use your body to communicate what the music says. The ending of the tune? Well, that hopefully will end with orgasmic results.

Learn to change things up from time to time. Most couples tend to favor one position or another. Surprise your partner by mixing it up. Go from missionary to having her on top, or throw her around in a good way and move her into doggy style. The change from the routine can add to your passion in bed.

Ladies, give your man a better blowjob. The one tip that is so essentially simple is to make deliberate eye contact with your guy while going down. It creates a heightened level of connection with him and it just plain (sorry for the pun) blows his mind. And stop worrying so much about if you get him to climax. He is so grateful that you went down there that he might just do the same to you.

Consider drawing your lady a bath. Taking an intimate moment in the tub can be the perfect segue into moving to the bedroom. You will be fully clean, she will be fully clean, and coaxing her into a sultry position of 69 won’t be so hard to do once you have sufficiently bathed each other with a perfect slippery bubble bath experience.

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