By Mitchell Parrish

If you are like our staff, you are sick to death of hearing about this upcoming election. You probably feel very strongly one way or another on how the election should turn out. We do too, but this little nugget of truth that we learned and fact-checked with Kantar Media seemed too good to not share with our readers.  

Hillary is of course the candidate for the ‘little guy,’ the Latino vote, and of course, a huge champion for women. (Insert our collective sarcastic cough here). She is, as it turns out, a great spender.  

Kantar Media predicts that between June 21st and November 8th, 2016, her campaign will spend $117-million on television advertising.  

Mr. Trump, the GOP nominee, will spend according to their data $700,000.  

Naysayers in the Hillary camp say this number shouldn’t shock the American public at all. In fact, they seem to think that big number is a good indicator of how she will win the race and that ‘The Donald’ is doomed to failure. Is it? Or could it be a shrewd businessman who sees no reason to waste campaign dollars on traditional TV advertising? (which is a pretty desperate industry for those that know it) Streaming services, binge watching, etc., has networks like ABC struggling to get the ad dollars that they used to pull in. Does anyone care who gets the final rose on “The Bachelor” anymore?  

How this will all end up, of course, lies in the hands of the voter. Yet we do find it odd that, in a nation where 1 in 4 children suffer from hunger, how a person could stomach spending that much on a commercial wedged between the ‘final rose’ and a Metamucil commercial. Just get out there and vote, either way.

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