By Lincoln D. Conway

Are you a part of the millennial generation?  

By definition, roughly anyone born in the eighties up until current day is one. And that broad sweep of birthing seems to define a huge group of people all over the globe. It’s kind of like that Chinese zodiac. How can all the people born in the same year as myself all be Tigers? I remember my fellow high school graduates, and I can say with great confidence and happiness, that I am not at all like several of those people.  

The media is throwing around the term, “millennial generation” quite a bit because of the impending election.  

It seems that our society, as a nation, is at the peak of bitter altercations. Many occur on our college campuses, creating a heated civil debate. The term, microaggression, in a nutshell, is the problem that we are facing right now. Our forefathers fought for the free speech that we are privileged to have in our country. Yet, with terms like racist, narcissist, Nazi, and definitely the other “n” word, (unless of course, you happen to be an African-American), it’s like this generation has forgotten the simple notion of respect—acting like the world owes them something.  

On one occasion, students from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, claimed feeling “scared” by seeing “Trump 2016” scrawled with chalk on a sidewalk on the campus.  

If that scares the pampered students, then wait till they have to pay their own bills. That’s scary! Whining and complaining, while sometimes therapeutic, never gets you anywhere. 

Thanks to Obamacare and its government mandate that children can stay on their parents’ health care plan until the ripe old age of 26, there seems to have been a big shift in our culture. There are too many who have interpreted that mandate in a completely out of touch way. Combine that with all this politically correct nonsense, and you have a bunch of “cupcakes” sitting on the couch—simply waiting for others to work for them. Do for them.  

This nation will fall if our society accepts this disrespectful, far too sensitive behavior as normal behavior that is justified. Too much of this microaggression in our country and we set it up for failure. Maybe it’s because the younger, (sorry to use the term) “Millenials”, haven’t been paying attention, as our country has been losing good men to war year after year. The founding fathers and so many brave soldiers have fallen to protect their rights, and their freedom to walk around college campuses, mindlessly playing Pokemon Go.

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