THE LEGEND OF TARZAN Movie Review by The Commander


4 (out of 4 stars)
From the opening shot to the last frame, The Legend of Tarzan delivers 100%.  This is a great movie and in IMAX 3-D, the cinematography and effects are even more breathtaking than imagined.  Beautifully told and well executed, the movie starts off with Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) 10 years after he left the jungle, as a sophisticated John Clayton III, a member of the House of Lords, living in England with his wife, Jane (Margot Robbie).  He’s asked in a meeting by the members to return back to the Congo to investigate a mining issue that he politely declines.  Later convinced by U.S. Emissary George Washington Williams (Samuel Jackson) that it’s more sinister than mining, John returns to the Congo to investigate along with his wife.  Upon arriving he discovers King Leopold’s henchman, Leon Rom, (Christoph Waltz), is there to enslave the inhabitants to build a railroad.  Rom’s plan is to capture Tarzan, exchanging him for diamonds from Chief Mbonga’s (Djimon Hounsou) diamond mines, in order to fund his mercenary army and keep Leopold from going financially insolvent.  However, Jane’s travel with John back to the Congo throws a wrench into Rom’s plans.
Unlike the original 1930’s version of Tarzan swinging from vines in the jungle (as portrayed by Johnny Weissmuller), this film delves into the legend that Tarzan was an almighty spirit whose responsibility was the protection of the Congo, its animals and tribes.  So even after his 10-year absence, Tarzan would return from his cushy life in England to once again protect the jungle.  After all, Tarzan is lord of the Apes, King of the Jungle.
Christoph Waltz is once again magnificent.  His eloquent, evil persona steals the scenes as usual, and you find yourself mesmerized by his character.  It seems that he, too, knows his way around a fight and you await with trepidation the match between him and Tarzan (which you know is coming).
For all those ladies out there, don't worry, you'll get to see plenty of Tarzan shirtless, showing off his very impressive body.  And for the guys, he's as suave and debonair as James Bond, and as lethal as the Hulk.  With almost superhuman power, he demolishes anything in his way and when necessary, calls on some help from his furry friends.
Director David Yates has done a magnificent job on this film.  I would recommend this movie for everyone.  There are no slow parts, nothing that drags on, no worthless scenes to extend the run time.  It's put together and edited well, and the acting is great.  It's a movie for the entire family.  If you're going to see one movie this year, make it this one!
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