By Jeff Alexander

Did you know that all Senators and Representatives who are members of Congress are pledged to a clandestine organization called the United States National Vampire Association? They are inducted into the USNVA much like the way college fraternities pledge new members; secret codes and signs, with sworn vows of loyalty and allegiance. This USNVA is similiar to the fraudulent U.S. Navy Veterans Association-USNVA charitable scam of the early 2000s, in which over $100-million was stolen from generous people who thought they were helping U.S. Navy veterans—but this political vampire society is especially dangerous—because its members have found a way to suck, not just at night, but also during daylight hours. Luckily, their activities in Washington, D.C. occur for only 3 days and nights a week. The other four days find them scurrying back to their voters, assuring them that all is well.  

There are 435 Representatives in the House and 100 Senators in the Senate. Each one is a member in good standing in the USNVA. They are the modern, 21st century ancestors of the blood-sucking folklore villain, Dracula. Their only deviance from the horrible acts perpetrated by Dracula is that they don’t suck the blood of just one victim at a time, they suck out the blood of the whole nation; each day and each night of every year. We, the taxpayers, pay an inordinate amount of money to these leeches for them to sit, stand, listen, vote, smoke, drink, dine in fine restaurants, ride in limos, chase male pages and female interns, have private offices and staff, get free haircuts, fantastic health benefits, credit cards, cell phones, hard line phones, bank checking accounts—whew—their perks are so numerous it’s almost impossible to list all of them. Oh, and of course, great pensions when they “retire” from office or get booted by their constituencies. For example, a senator, after just one six-year term receives a full-pay pension and health insurance for the rest of his or her life.

Those 100 Senators, at an annual salary of $174,000 a year cost us $17,000,000 a year. The 465 Representatives at $174K per year cost us $80,910,000 a year. No wonder both parties are replete with people who would kill their mothers to get voted into a political position either at the federal or even state level. Hell, this greed and thirst for blood even stoops to the HOA level, as individuals fight to get on residential boards. Believe me, there’s a ton of graft even at that low level.

Just look at these politicians: Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Boehner, Ryan, Cruz, Rubio—just to name a few—don’t they really and truly look like bloodsuckers? Don’t all politicians? They suck on the teats of America, draining our nation as they fill their coffers with taxpayer money. Imagine a large map of the U.S. showing all 50 states (duh, 58 to a few folks). Each state has a large teat for each of its two senators and smaller teats for each of its representatives. They each have their own teat with their name on it. All day long they come and suck on their teat, happily sucking the blood, life, and milk from the American taxpayer. They are professional, lifetime politicians; leeches, suckers—certainly not patriots.  

Surely, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the greatest bloodsuckers in American political history: the Clintons. Hillary and Billary have been sucking the teats of America for over 30 years and now their daughter Chelsea is also being taught the nuances of political sucking by her knowledgeable parents. The pensions and perks available to the Clinton family are the direct result of his presidency, her senate seat, her Secretary of State position, his speeches, her speeches, and now their foundation, which has been given billions of dollars by donors (many unknown) to fund their “good causes.” Of course, their prime “good cause” is themselves. They live a life as opulent as a Saudi King. The whole set-up stinks to high heaven, but soon their reign of sucking on the teats of America may come to an end as the FBI nears the conclusion of its investigation into Hillary’s use of emails while Secretary of State. There have been rumors that the FBI is also checking the legitimacy of the activities at the Clinton Foundation. And as you all know, Hillary is in the midst of a campaign for the presidency and not only is it very possible that she will win her party’s nomination, but polls show she will defeat any Republican that runs against her, even though 70% of polled voters (both Democrat and Republican) say she is dishonorable and untrustworthy! It may be that only the FBI investigation and an indictment by the DOJ can stop her and thereby free the American people from living through another eight years of another president who is unabashedly an ardent advocate of Saul Alinsky’s book: “Rules for Radicals.” That playbook, filled with precise plans on how to bring our nation to its knees, is Hillary and Obama’s Bible and Koran.

But then, “What difference does it make?” She has made false statements, improperly handled classified information, and generally put our nation in danger through the use of her own easily hackable server. Any commoner would have been charged with treason years ago. But Hillary may very well skate if the Obama administration decides not to indict. The President will simply tell his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to “Forget about it.” Hillary will slide into the White House, her Dracula cape flowing, and we the taxpayers, will impotently endure another eight years of politicians sucking on the teats of America. Watch carefully. If and when that happens, the FBI will be rendered toothless and all hell will break loose.

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