WAR on Food and Free Speech



By Jack Wellington

With the epidemic rise in obesity across the U.S.—one would think that the nation’s nutrition advice would be based on recommendations from America’s leading health and nutrition experts—certainly not the government.

What many people don’t know is that there is a war on food and free speech.  
And the voice of the people is being silenced!

Investigative journalist Nina Teicholz uncovered shoddy “science” in the government’s nutrition advice, which led Americans to avoid certain fats in favor of carbohydrates. This bad advice in part led to expanded obesity and an increase in diabetes.  

Yet, liberal activists don’t want informed citizens. These nanny state activists want Americans to rely solely on the government for food advice—with a goal to advance government control over what you eat (in part to fight global warming, and in part to control Americans’ lives).

Nanny State: a government that makes decisions for people that they might otherwise make for themselves, especially those relating to private and personal behavior. (A common criticism of nanny state policies is that they are less concerned with the welfare of citizens, than with preventing litigation and promoting the careers of politicians).

The proof is in the [political] pudding: This year’s 39th Annual CFA (Consumer Federation of America)-sponsored National Food Policy Conference was held just this spring at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. And journalist Teicholz was uninvited!

The National Food Policy Conference website claims: 
“For 39 years, the National Food Policy Conference has been a Washington institution and a unique collaboration between consumer advocates, the food industry and government. The conference is organized by the Consumer Federation of America and is a key national gathering for those interested in agriculture, food and nutrition policy.” Yet—if you disagree with their nanny state tyranny, your voice will be silenced, just as Teicholz’s was.  

The annual conference should be an open forum for discussion and debate among leading voices from different schools of thought on food and nutrition, right? Nope. Teicholz was scheduled to sit on a panel with the USDA and Center for Science in the Public Interest to discuss how to turn nutrition science into policy. But after objection to her presence was made clear by some of the participants—the National Food Policy Conference simply disinvited her.

Of course this has little to do with science and everything to do with ideological agendas. Never before has food policy been so politicized, whether it’s the Dietary Guidelines or the National School Lunch Program.  

“Censorship is a red flag,” said Amy Ridenour, chairman of The National Center for Public Policy Research. “Someone finds the information this journalist uncovered to be a threat to their agenda – so much so, they moved secretly behind the scenes and got her disinvited from a speaking role. The Consumer Federation of America not only agreed to the censorship, but apparently has also kept secret who pressured it to do it. We disagree with both. Let the facts come out.”

Many of America’s major food corporations sponsored the conference, like General Mills, Walmart, Campbell’s Soup, Hormel Foods, Mars Inc. “The public deserves to know which corporations are supporting the nanny state, anti-food freedom agenda, and we intend to make sure the public finds out,” added Ridenour.

The National Center for Public Policy Research Risk Analysis Director, Jeff Stier, and food writer, Julie Kelly, criticize the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and nanny-state activists for silencing investigative journalist Nina Teicholz, a key critic of government-backed shoddy nutrition “science”. In their online piece they state: “Those special interests are now scheming to not only discredit, but also outright silence Teichholz. There is a very good chance that Americans have been receiving poor nutrition advice from the government, medical community and others for more than five decades.”

The National Center for Public Policy Research is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank that has been aggressively fighting the attacks of big-government activists on food freedom since 1982. Recently it has supported Congressional efforts to roll back Obamacare regulations that make it a felony for prepared food providers to make a mistake in calorie counts; questioned the usefulness of government-mandated salt warnings; noted the connection between anti-meat and anti-global warming activism; and questioned the science behind calls to remove processed meats from school cafeterias, among other initiatives. The National Center also sponsors the “Free Enterprise Project”—which blows the whistle when major corporations engage in left-wing activism or surrender to the political demands of left-wing activists.

No matter what your position on the role of government in determining how and what we eat—silencing journalism is not only distasteful, but ignorant. With the conference’s billing as: “A key national gathering for those interested in agriculture, food, and nutrition policy,” this should have been a wide-open forum for leaders of the industry of food, health, nutrition and research to discuss freely.

The National Center offers free issue alerts for concerned citizens at

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