SPORTS - Siena Golf Club + FootGolf


By Jeff Alexander

Superbly manicured, immense greens and close-cropped, verdant fairways are just a few of the phrases that come to mind after experiencing an enjoyable round of golf at Siena. It’s simply an exceptional course that is a short drive for visiting golfers staying on the Strip, and centrally located for Las Vegas residents.

As is the case with most of the public courses in Vegas, Siena is really a country club available for open play. The buildings housing the restaurant, pro shop and party facilities are very plush, large and beautiful. The staff is proficient and professional in all aspects; endeavoring to make your day of golf exciting and pleasurable.  

Although Siena is not a really long course (6843 yards from the way-back tees) it is, like many of our Vegas courses, tight, thereby necessitating accurate tee shots, (more on that aspect later). From the black tees, the course plays to 6538 yards, but the Siena course is a bit deceptive. Three of the par fours are over four-hundred yards from the black, with three others well over 380 yards. So although distance off the tee is not imperative, it sure helps to be long and accurate on those six par fours. Two par fives are rated as one and two in handicap difficulty, but I found a couple of the par fours harder to score on. 

Many of Siena’s greens are elevated and the whole course is undulating, with many fairways somewhat hilly and rolling. The greens themselves are huge and three-putts are a definite possibility on most of them if you hit the green away from the pin. But the greens are well-maintained, will hold your approach shot, and roll very well.

After many years of golfing, I’ve had some thoughts on golfing in the East and Midwest states versus golfing here in the Las Vegas Valley. Basically, it boils down to this: you must be straighter off the tee here in Vegas than you need to be on most courses in other parts of the country, where you can spray the ball right or left and still have a decent shot. You may be in 2 or 3 inch rough that will make the shot more difficult, but here, if you spray, you land in rocks and desert landscaping that is almost impossible to hit from. Other parts of the country have the luxury of water supplies enabling unlimited grass—we don’t have that luxury here. Here you have three choices: take a penalty for an unplayable lie, ruin a club, or if your group is playing casually, return your ball to the green grass with no penalty.

Many of my golf course reviews describe the courses as having “tight” fairways. They are “tight” in that you must be accurate or suffer the consequences of hitting from some pretty inhospitable lies. Siena is no exception; be accurate, be safe, be happy!

As you play Siena, the beautiful Spring Mountains form a backdrop that is breathtaking. The homes that encircle each hole are all ranches, so there’s nothing impairing the views from the course. The serenity of Siena is palpable, and it is a course that is just far enough out to be an oasis of quietude and beauty.

Siena Golf Club is located at 10575 Siena Monte Ave. (just off Town Center Rd.) Las Vegas, NV 89135 702-341-9200 • 

The unique blend of golf and soccer has combined into a fun, new sport: FootGolf. 

The game is played with a with a regulation size #5 soccer ball on a golf course with 21-inch diameter holes. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf, but in general, played without a referee. Retaining the gentlemanly sport qualities of golf, FootGolf players are expected to dress in proper attire (pictured) and maintain disciplined manner and good sportsmanship, no matter how competitive one may be. This is the spirit of the FootGolf game.

FootGolf tee times are offered at Siena Golf Club, from 3 hours prior to dark (year round), takes about 2 hours can be booked 3 days in advance. Sun-Thur: 3-hours prior to dark. Fri-Sat: based on availability. Adult 9 holes with cart will cost you $25, plus a $5 ball rental. To book your FootGolf times, call the Golf Shop at 702-341-9200.

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