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Ubisoft’s Far Cry continues its survival series with the introduction of Far Cry Primal,

which takes things to a whole new era: the Stone Age. A very interesting changeup—

sans guns, car, skyscrapers—Primal instead adds in the imminent peril of giant

mammoths and saber-tooth tigers, with humanity on the bottom rung of the food

chain. Face enemy tribes and sharpen your skills to lead the people to try and conquer

the land of Oros. But in order to win this battle, you’ll be using knives, a club, a bow

and arrow (which you craft yourself) and while battling enemy tribes and animals

that rule the globe, you can learn how to tame beasts, and then wield the everpowerful

beast against your enemies. Fans will find this adventure limitless. Released

on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 23, 2016, and on PC later this March 2016.


It was two years ago, when Audi captured the attention of the automobile industry

when they displayed their “virtual cockpit,” replacing conventional gauges and

infotainment screens with a single digital display that does both. Now, thinking

of taking it a step further, Audi’s virtual cockpit is being developed into the Audi

virtual dashboard, with the entire system getting to know the customer and their

habits and preferences—following with proactively supporting them, recognizing

touch gestures and with seamless connection of smartphones and smartwatches.


Sleep Number’s “It” bed was one of

the truly helpful creations at this year’s

CES held in Las Vegas this past January.

This sensor-filled bed is designed with

SleepIQ technology to give you personal

insights and knowledge to adjust for

the “best sleep of your life” by tracking

your entire body hundreds of times per

second (like your heart rate, breathing,

movement). From this monitoring, It

Bed knows your ideal level of firmness,

comfort and support (your personal Sleep

Number setting). It also smart connects

to your personal cloud and home devices,

tracking your life, offering suggestions for

Sleep Number setting to accomodate your early morning appointment, weather, and

more. Pricing starts around $1000 and expected release this summer 2016.




With 4-out-of-5 child car seats installed

incorrectly, a highlight creation for parents

at CES was the 4moms self-installing car seat.

You heard it right. Simply buckle the seat belt

and 4moms takes over with the customized

auto-leveling and auto-tension, making for

a perfect installation. Follow the 4moms app

for recommended seat positioning based on

your vehicle’s make and model and to ensure

base is installed at correct level, even when

parked on an incline, plus it gives reminders

to adjust harness and headrest based on

child’s height, weight and projected growth,

with alerts when child is outgrowing the seat.

The car seat continuously monitors as you

drive, checking seat status while the carrier is

connected to assure even the most anxious of

new parents. Fits babies and children weighing

4 to 30 pounds, 32” or less and compatible with

premium strollers. Priced at $499 and expected

release this June 2016. Preorder at




This CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree,

known as Blink by Immedia, is a one-of-akind,

battery-powered, ultra-affordable home

monitoring system that is simple to set up

and easy to use. Its compact,

totally wire-free design houses

innovative HD video technology, plus motion and temperature sensors, to

deliver instant home insight to your mobile device.



Nuelle, the sexual wellness and intimate solutions company made specifically for

women, designed the Fiera Arouser for Her this past fall and debuted its pleasuring

methods at the 2016 CES. The hands-free personal gadget for women is small enough

to fit in the palm of your hand and contains a suction-like feature that covers the female

clitoris that features three patterns and intensity options for your own personal climactic

experience. With over 70% of all women needing clitoral stimulation to achieve

orgasm, the tiny yet powerful Fiera is great for couples, women getting themselves in

the mood before sex, and a wonderful aid to women who suffer from low libidos. It’s

pricey, but just might be medically necessary since it’s been scientifically proven to help

women recover from low libido—maybe a health write-off? Priced at $250.

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