Winter Getaway: Bryce Canyon National Park



Celebrating National Park Service’s 100th anniversary commemoration, a winter pilot program will allow guests the chance to discover the magic and majesty of winter at Bryce Canyon National Park – while for the first time in its history, Forever Resorts’ The Lodge at Bryce Canyon—the only overnight accommodation inside Bryce Canyon National Park—will remain open throughout the winter months, offering rooms at its Sunset Hotel from Nov. 8, 2015, through March 24, 2016. The Lodge will resume its full operations schedule on March 25, 2016.

Opened in 1925 and designated a National Historic Landmark, The Lodge at Bryce Canyon is the only lodge of that era to remain largely intact. The decor and atmosphere maintains that authenticity, while tending to guests’ comfort and needs. The Lodge is ideally located steps from the canyon’s rim and hiking trailheads. Guests are only steps away from scenic viewpoints, fine dining, shopping and park programs, and this winter, they will have the chance to discover the magic and majesty of winter at Bryce Canyon National Park. Rooms are priced at $120/night for double occupancy with a $10 charge for each additional guest and a continental breakfast is included. 

In addition to offering its extraordinary landscape features and giant, natural amphitheater, the park is one of only three parks in the United States to have been designated an International Dark Skies Park—so winter stargazing is sure to be unforgettable.

Thor’s Hammer, monstrous hoodoos and a Sinking Ship... Bryce Canyon’s red-orange-pink amphitheaters stage a Norse myth 70 million years in the making. Wind, water and time have eroded Bryce Canyon National Park’s sandstone cliffs into otherworldly characters plucked from the unconscious of a mad Viking. Rows of humanoid pillars crosshatched by rock strata look almost intentional, but perfectly surreal. So silent, eerie and beautiful. So improbable, it has to be true. Your first view of the park is a dramatic unveiling. Wind through stands of pine trees until they break at the rim of Bryce Canyon National Park, revealing a panorama of goblins, towers and fins of a color you can’t quite name. (What’s the Pantone number for “Leif Erikson’s Beard”?) The canyon’s epic comes alive as you move through the 37-mile circuit — especially as the sun rises and sets. You can learn a lot about yourself looking into Bryce Amphitheater. Do you see a purgatorial cavern crawling with demons? …beautific angels lining the stadium of heaven? …the Claron Formation’s variously dense, iron-rich layers of mud-, silt- and limestone, cut up by water and frost in an 800-foot cross-section of the Paunsaugunt Plateau that lays bare the geologic record since the last dinosaurs bought the farm? (It’s a shame Sigmund Freud never hiked the Fairyland Loop.) The rim reaches 9,100 feet above sea level, so July peaks around 80˚F and winter snow sticks around until April. It’s a year-round national park: comfortable all summer and snowy hoodoos making for gorgeous cross-country skiing winter to spring. Bike it, hike it, snowshoe or ride a horse. If you don’t want to park, hop on the shuttle and people-watch between viewpoints. Take a memory box load of pictures to capture the breathtaking colors and peaks—otherwise no one at home will truly understand the magnificence of Bryce Canyon.

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