Hillary Clinton - Really, Hillary? Really?!



By Jeff Alexander
Photo: JStone (cover), Joe Seer (final page) -

Okay. Now let’s get real. Is there any American voter, who has any common sense whatsoever, who believes Hillary Clinton deserves or should be President of the United States? What has she done to earn that great honor? What is in the body of her life’s work that would warrant her becoming the most powerful person in the world? Is she smart? At one time, when her husband Bill was President, she was touted as being the smartest woman in the world. Is she as smart or as accomplished as Condoleezza Rice? Carly Fiorina? What are her talents? Has she ever run a huge corporation? Condoleezza was a child protégé, playing concertos at a ridiculously young age. She whizzed through college, and when she speaks, she sounds intelligent. Have you listened to Hillary lately, as she bobs and weaves, trying to explain away her governmental gaffes? She sounds as though her brain has turned to mush. Is she well, or did she damage her skull in a fall and is now trying to hide the truth with gross ineptitude? Compare how intelligent Fiorina sounds in juxtaposition with Hillary. 

So you could say: “She was the First Lady of Arkansas, of the United States, she by God, was Secretary of State. She’s the smartest woman in the world.” 

Really? Let’s test the waters.

The only reason Hillary was Arkansas’ First Lady is because she was prescient enough to latch onto Bill Clinton, who she recognized had immense political possibilities. She grabbed his coattails and rode him to the Arkansas Governor’s office. Ditto for the White House. Other than the fact that she was adept at hiding the philanderer’s trysts and affairs, she did nothing to get Bill to the Presidency. His magnetic personality and political acumen was what did it. The voters loved him and still do. She’s just okay in the minds of the voters and many will vote for her because she’s a woman. But love her? Really? I guess she was smart enough, way back, to get someone to show her how to invest $1,000 in futures and quickly turn it into $100,000. She did that on her own? Really? She was given a partnership in a high-powered law firm—because she had an incredible legal mind—or because she was connected at the hips to the Governor?

The word devious is synonymous with the name Hillary. (Dishonest, untrustworthy, cold, and calculating can also be ascribed to her.) Let’s begin to expose her deviousness. She sat with Bill on a national TV show and denied he was screwing around with Gennifer Flowers. Really? She trashed Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky for being sluts and liars, and again went on a national TV morning show to categorically deny the Monica scandal by saying that it was a vast right-wing conspiracy to destroy her husband’s Presidency. Really? All the while Bill lied under oath about the affairs and ultimately lost his law license because of those avowals. How devious were her words to the parents of the four Americans lost at Benghazi when she told them she and the administration would “get” the maker of that video that caused the “riot?” How devious is she to refuse to tell the American people where she was or whom she was conferring with during the almost 12-hour attack? Was it she who ordered the troop stand-down? Why hadn’t she, as Secretary of State, heeded the desperate calls from Ambassador Stevens that more security was needed? Hillary answers nothing. She is brilliantly devious; maybe that’s why some fools call her so smart.

Now she is involved in possible illegal destruction of classified e-mails, which she received and sent on her own private server, which in itself is a highly questionable act of ignoring time-honored rules. Currently, the FBI is investigating Hillary’s handling of the e-mails. She has adamantly denied any wrongdoing, but why then did she hire Sidney Blumenthal when the administration specifically ordered that he not be involved in advising her. Do the words dishonest, untrustworthy, cold and calculating come to mind? 

So how have our country’s moral and ethical standards fallen to such a low level that we vote in a radical community organizer for eight years and then contemplate making another great mistake by possibly voting for someone who the majority of Americans feel is dishonest and untrustworthy? Do we never learn? Well, maybe we do. The polls at this time show that Hillary is losing ground with the constituency she sorely needs and is counting on to carry her to the presidency: women.

It seems that her plan to ignore the media, answer no questions, and simply spew out the talking points she’s comfortable with is not settling well with Democratic voters. Her queenly attitude that she should be coronated as the left’s candidate does not seem to be wearing well. Remember, she couldn’t withstand the pressure Obama put on her in 2008; fading quickly as the debates exposed her weakness as a candidate. Nothing has changed—even the issues she discusses at her “little gatherings” are the same: the GOP’s war on women, its closeness to big business, and its racist attitudes. Believe it or not she will soon say, as Obama did in 2012, that the GOP wants to take birth control away from women. In the meantime she opines that the Planned Parenthood debacle is serious, but not enough to defund the organization that gets $550 million a year from American taxpayers, even though polls show almost 60% of taxpayers don’t want their tax money funding abortions. She has said she will go far beyond Obama’s executive orders on illegal immigrants. Sanctuary cities are fine with her, even as they break federal laws to keep illegals safe from deportation.

As the primary season gets closer, Hillary is sure to raise the argument that she is best qualified because she was Secretary of State. Really? Let’s see. While she was in that office, she did nothing to stop Putin from taking over Crimea or threatening the same for all of the Ukraine. She did nothing to clearly define what really happened in Benghazi. She certainly didn’t dissuade Obama from trading five high-level al qaeda terrorists for one American deserter and traitor. 

She was there when Obama began to plan his nuclear deal with Iran. Thankfully, her office was turned over to another incompetent hippie, John Kerry, or the deal might have been even worse with her negotiating. (If you think I’m being too hard on Kerry, remember, he hatefully threw away his military medals in a defiant put-down of our nation.) He’s a disgrace, yet now he’s Obama’s Secretary of State. Did Hillary speak out against the I.R.S. or the VA scandal? What did she really do as Secretary of State? 

She traveled; they say a million miles. She spent hours on her iPhone and sent thousands of e-mails that she has now destroyed, and refuses to relinquish her personal server. She spoke with foreign dignitaries and companies that magically and coincidentally shoveled millions of dollars to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation, while simultaneously hiring Bill to give a speech for hundreds of thousands, even up to 1.5 million dollars. (By the way, Bill and Hillary donated $15 million to charity last year. What charity? Their own foundation that pays for their trips and flights and expenses everywhere they travel. What a great write-off the I.R.S. is allowing the king and queen!) While in Switzerland, Hillary helped settle a dispute between the I.R.S. and giant Swiss bank, UBS, who has had legal battles with our Justice Department and the I.R.S. for years. As usual, she’s much too devious to let any proof of illegality surface, but the Wall Street Journal wrote that donations by UBS to the Clinton Foundation jumped from $60,000 in 2008 to $600,000 in 2014, after Hillary intervened for UBS with the I.R.S. The Journal reports that UBS lent $32 million for programs it launched in association with the Foundation. In addition, it was UBS that paid Bill Clinton that $1.5 million for some speaking “sessions” with their CEO. Really? 

No one, even Hillary, can point to one even mediocre accomplishment during her years as Secretary of State. Her life’s work is negligible. She has done nothing important, nor helped anyone but herself; and she has taken big helpings.

Hillary wants to be coronated. She feels it’s her turn, she deserves it, and she got screwed by Obama last time. And she truly believes she should and will be the first female president of the United States. After all, she believed the spin that she’s the smartest woman in the world! Really, Hillary? Really?

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