Adult Playground - Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club



Tijuana, Mexico

Visit the Exotic Girls of Mexico

Heaven – South of the Border
I’ll paint the picture for you: You’re feeling a bit randy, or just plain horny, as we say in the U.S., and you are looking for a high quality lap dance to get you going. You go into the club of your choice for a lap dance followed by a good raping of your wallet. Now you’ve got no money in your pocket, and you leave the place feeling limper (sorry about that) than you did before you walked in the place. Then you have to explain those charges on your card to your wife. Too much stress, if you ask us.

The solution? Bring your wife with you on a “sexcation” to visit the fine ladies at Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club. 

The club and its two adjoining hotels are clean, modern and very inviting. Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Hong Kong has created an atmosphere similar to what you might imagine the Red Light District to be like in Amsterdam—yet you don’t have to suffer with the high priced airline ticket to get there. Hong Kong even offers a shuttle from the border to people who drive or fly close to it in California. The property also offers a 24/7 café, and room service for those that choose to stay overnight in one of their rooms. 

The club is a true adult playground with sensual excitement, cold beer, cocktails, and sports viewing all year long. There are three levels with intimate VIP rooms. Enjoy the beauty of their hundreds of beautiful international showgirls who will perform private dances, exotic shows, shower shows, and hot tub acts. With runways located right inside your hotel room, this property would make for the ultimate bachelor party (sorry, Hangover guys). 

Hong Kong will even set you up with your own butler to personally help your group have a great time for your entire stay with them. 

Their dedicated staff is attentive and will help you craft the perfect sexy getaway to meet your needs, your boss’s needs, your wife’s needs, or… I think you get the picture at this point. As you begin booking your trip to visit this unique adult resort, check out their website at and download their nightly special coupons. Yes, I said coupons—at a Strip Club! They offer some really good deals, too—such as Buy-One Get-One Free drinks, lap dance discounts (hallelujah, right?), a free appetizer, and more. The club also offers new discounts and specials for couples that want to stay in the hotel. See their website for more details on their great getaways. Also log in to their site to see photos of the girls that work there. They are the gorgeous reasons why you might want to make a run for the border. 

Finally, if you plan on going more than once, (and you probably will), it would be wise to buy their VIP card for $50. Being VIP gets you Free border pickup 10am-6am, Free security parking, your own personal waiter, first drink Free, Half-off private dances, 20%-off hotel purchases, and 50%-off hotel rates on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club • The Exotic Girls of Tijuana, Mexico •

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