Vegas Indoor Skydiving


By Laura Michaels

Calling all daredevils! And everyone in between (even those with vertigo)—you CAN experience the thrill of skydiving—without the fear, cost, and bodily damage at Vegas Indoor Skydiving!

We spent the afternoon at Vegas Indoor Skydiving to get the real accounts of what it’s like to experience “indoor skydiving”. What exactly is “indoor skydiving,” you ask? Well this unique experience is a simulated skydive that is similar to the free-fall aspect of skydiving, with the addition of a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls—allowing folks to experience the sensation of free-fall without the use of an airplane or parachute. 

Vegas Indoor Skydiving operates the first indoor skydiving facility to open in the U.S. and has been in business for over 33 years. Utilizing a wind tunnel of 12-foot-wide by 22-foot-tall that is powered by a 1000 horsepower electric motor attached to the propeller from a DC-3 airplane, this business will give the free-fall of your life (sans knee damage). We witnessed a large array of skydivers that afternoon—from daredevil enthusiasts to even a person who experiences severe vertigo! The mass consensus was a hugely thrilling “thumbs-up!” Even the gentleman who experiences vertigo said they took it real easy with him, hovering low to the ground, and without any spinning—just a relaxing, floating sensation. For the thrill-seekers, the skydiving instructors at Vegas Indoor Skydiving showed them the thrill of their life. After a brief training class, guests suited up in all the necessary flight gear and were ready for flight! There were all ages from kids to older folks in their sixties, ready for an invigorating free-fall experience.  

From a teen’s perspective: 
15-year-old Chase was both excited and a bit anxious to hit the sky. All geared up and ready for the tunnel, he waited his turn in his group of five on the padded edges of the circle, and then it was his chance to ‘fly.’ You could hear the sound of the engine slowing down in preparation for the teen flyer. Weighing the least amount in the group, the technicians lowered the horsepower to perfectly accommodate his blast of air. Slowly, he hovered over the mesh base, and with the guidance of the instructor, Chase was quickly skydiving with ease, rising higher than everyone in the group.

"That was awesome! It felt like you were flying for the first time,” Chase exclaimed after his flight. 

“It was kinda like parasailing, which I did in the Virgin Islands as a kid. It was a very loud room—but even if your earplugs fell out, it didn’t hurt—so it was safe. It’s a 5-star place. The instructors teach you well so you really feel prepared when you enter in the room, and they’re so nice. I’m saving up to go again!”

Even little kids can join in on the fun: “My daughter has been ‘flying’ since she was two,” shared Dave McMahan, Director of Business Development at Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

Oftentimes, Vegas Indoor Skydiving’s introduction to the sport of indoor skydiving has piqued the interest of many guests to pursue actual skydiving after their “indoor” experience. Since the facility opened in 1982, it has served as a valuable training resource for both experts and novices alike. It’s no surprise that this safe method of skydiving can be addictive—with the thrill of skydiving without an airplane or parachute. And there’s no experience necessary, plus just about anyone and any age can “dive” in. The entire experience lasts about one hour, and afterwards, guests can choose to purchase a personal photo taken of them while in “flight”. For those who are daredevils at heart but simply haven’t gathered up the guts to jump out of an actual plane—indoor skydiving is for you. And with so much in Vegas for the 21-and-over crowd to do—Vegas Indoor Skydiving has found a perfect niche for the 20-and-unders—from kids’ parties to teen celebrations—this facility is a great spot to create some of the best memories ever for any group event.  

Single flight tickets are $75 with repeat flights for just $40 each on the same day. Group rates are $350 for 2-5 participants, and for the addicted flyer, there’s the five-flight package-for-one for $200 each. Locals get a deal here at only $50 per flight, plus they offer great discounts for military who just need to show their I.D. 

Vegas Indoor Skydiving 200 Convention Ctr. Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109. 
Reservations not needed, but recommended: 1-877-LUV-2-FLY.

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