Vegas Wants Hockey NOW!


By Jack Wellington

Vegas wants an NHL team so bad they can taste it! And just might be the fix.

While hockey in the middle of the desert may sound ridiculous, for anyone that hasn’t experienced the adrenaline rush from watching a “Pro” team speed across the ice with the puck hurling back and forth at breakneck speeds, along with the crowd pounding the Plexiglas with excitement, then quite frankly, you haven’t really lived. From the confines of the indoor arena, it doesn’t matter where you are when an NHL game is in play. has taken the reigns by offering fans the opportunity to become a part of history-in-the-making. Through pre-sales of season tickets deposits on the site, which was launched just a few months ago, fans take charge in bringing Vegas its first National Hockey League team. is the brainchild of William Foley (who owns a Jacksonville, Fla.-based insurance title and mortgage company), and the Maloof family of Las Vegas (former owners of the NBA Sacramento Kings from 1998-2013 and founder of the Palms Resort & Casino). Their company, Hockey Vision Las Vegas, LLC, set up the site to get fans in on the action and secure an NHL Franchise. They state that they need at least 10,000 in order to make it become a reality.

And the campaign is almost fully-funded!

Their “goal” may be big, but the dream may be even bigger… just possibly big enough to beat the odds that have been against Vegas having their own NHL Hockey team. There’s no denying the community of Las Vegas and its local businesses are eager to support an NHL team, and Hockey Vision Las Vegas plans to show city legislature that there is indeed an enormous demand for it.

• The success of the VegasWantsHockey ticket drive will demonstrate the long-term viability of an NHL Hockey franchise in Las Vegas, and prove that our community, without question, can support a team.

• Fans place a deposit on season tickets for the first potential NHL season in Vegas, should a team be awarded. The deposit enables fans to purchase season tickets for a specific number of years, in a specific section, with a specific price range.

• The site is based on first-come, first-serve, allowing fans who deposited earlier to get the best seat selection choices offered to them.

• As season ticket holders, fans that participate in this project will get the first right to seats for any potential playoff games.

Show your hometown pride with your own Inaugural jersey for any 2 tickets purchased.
• HOME TEAM JERSEY replica for Fan Accounts
For every 2-seats purchased, jerseys will only be awarded if Vegas gets its NHL team.

• MEMBERSHIP to the Foley Food & Wine Society
Earn points for wine, food and travel for every dollar spent on season tickets and more.

Hockey games will be played in The Arena—a state-of-the-art, multipurpose event center from AEG and MGM Resorts International, located on Park Ave. at Frank Sinatra Blvd. (between the New York New and the Monte Carlo). The Arena is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2016 and will seat approximately 17,500 hockey fans. 

Hockey Vision Las Vegas, LLC is passionate about making this sports dream happen for Vegas, believing that hockey is an excellent motivator for youth, teaching the value of team skills, hard work and determination. If they are able to secure a team in Las Vegas, they are committed to supporting youth hockey in Las Vegas through the development of youth hockey rinks, programs and other activities. With all the drama currently surrounding the NFL, the NHL is now poised to increase market share in the pro sports arena. 

As states: “You Determine How the Story Continues…” 
Let’s rally together, Vegas, and make this happen!

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