Tiffany Masters Adventures - Girls With Guns



I was deeply engrossed while watching the “Armageddon Week” on the History Channel.  My favorite show was about decoding 2012, proving that it very well could be the end of life, as we know it.  Think what you may about me, but I for one, was a believer.  I had been reading about  and traveling to Mayan ruins all over the world, including Belize, and Tikal in Guatemala, Central America.  I even went to the heart of all this “prophecy controversy”, the ruins of Chichen-Itza on the Yukatan Peninsula in Mexico.  In order to see for myself if these ancient Mayan predictions were true, I went deep into the jungle, visiting these ruins as old as 600 A.D.  

The Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world as we know it which was to occur on December 21, 2012.  They aren’t the only people from this planet that believed this.  So did the Hopi Indians and Egyptians, not to mention Nostradamus, who predicted this as well.  (New age philosophers believed it would be a galactic event, to help the inner and outer cosmos to exchange, by the aid of a gateway created by the Sun’s movement into a unique position.  With this exchange, fear and hatred was to disappear and we were to be purified.) (

So 2012 came and went without event (at least in the form we just spoke of), but the real question is:  What are you going to do if and when a form of an Armageddon Day does come one day?  Are you prepared for a complete global panic?  Everyone will be in survival mode.  Do you have water?  Food?  Medicine?  What do you have?  I’ll say this:  currency won’t be all those Benjamins you have stuffed in your mattress.  However, they are worth more than that ATM you are hoping to hit.  We more than likely won’t have electricity.  Think about it:  all that work putting money in your bank and you can’t get to it.  Don’t believe me?  Research sun flares.  Research EMP’s (electro-magnetic pulses).  They shut down electricity.  We will be in a major panic.  No cell phones, no e-mail, omg no Facebook, NO STRIPLV ONLINE! 

It’s quite entertaining listening to what everyone is planning on doing.  I am learning so much from these Rambos running around stocking up like they are getting ready for a war.  I interviewed an ex-Navy Seal, asking what he would do if an end day were to happen.  To my surprise, he corrected me immediately and said:  “…when it will happen,” and told me about his arsenal of weaponry he had locked in a storage nearby.  The best way to describe what will happen to America is like a civil war.  Excuse me?  Isn’t that a prediction?  Interesting.  So what’s a girl to do?

I know what I am going to do.  First things first, I need to learn to shoot as many types of guns I can get my hands on.  It’s going to be survival of the fittest, and I want to be prepared for anyone wanting to break in and get my food or any other possessions I have.  Men will think that most women will be weak, and that they will be able to take them, like they are cavemen.  This bitch has news for them!  America will be set back hundreds of years, going back to the days of horses and growing food in little colonies.  We will do whatever it takes to sustain life.  There has always been war and prostitution from the beginning of time.  Therefore, I think the two most important assets for me to have are:  girls and guns.  Ahhhh… “the power of pussy”.  These two things will help me survive.  I think I’ll have an all-girl commune.  I’ll grab my hairstylist, my doctor, my best friends, 20 hookers, cooks, and some Navy Seals.  We can load up a strip club and set up shop.  This may sound like a crazy plan, but ask yourself, “What are you going to do when that day comes?”  I know!  Come visit me.  I’ll probably call the commune “Girls with Guns”.

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