When STRIPLV entered into our 69th issue of publication, we paused to celebrate one of the most erotic positions found in sexual history:  “69”
We pause once again, to throwback to “69”, a feature, as well as a position we’d happily celebrate over and over again. 

One of the most intense sexual positions in the history of sex:  69, also well-known by its French name:  Soixante-Neuf.  It is, of course, the sexual position that involves two people inverting their bodies both face-first into one another’s genitals to perform oral sex on each other simultaneously.  The two lovers’ bodies form into the shape of the numbers 6 and 9, also similar, interestingly, to the Chinese symbol for yin-yang.  The position has been used throughout the centuries by partners of heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and every possible different combination of couples, threesomes and orgies.  

The term 69 is also called the “Congress of the Crow” in the Kama Sutra.  Variations of the 69 position include mutual anilingus / a.k.a. “double-rimming” (pleasuring each other’s anal area), as well as digital penetration (using fingers to penetrate either or both of the partners’ anus and/or vagina.   Lovers can choose from a multitude of contortions that all position their mouths perfectly to perform oral sex at the same time (lying on top of one another, lying side-by-side, or standing in a position known as the “Cascade”:  in which you lay down, traditionally the female or lighter-weighted partner, place her with her neck just off the edge of the bed, stand above her dangling your member above her mouth and bend over to pick her legs up and lift her pussy upward to form a complete vertical “Cascade”).

It’s difficult to accurately trace the history of the 69 position, though the French term “Soixante-Neuf” has been found in the uniquely rare Whore’s Catechisms, published in the 1790s in France.  Dating far earlier than France, are the erotic carvings on Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho, India.  The Khajuraho temples were built over a span of 200 years, from 950 to 1150, and the particular erotic carving pictured below is evidence to the 69 sexual position dating at least back that far.

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