SEX and SIN CITY - Making It Rain On Stormy Daniels



Sex and Sin City is an ongoing feature by STRIPLV writer, Lilith Diana, as she shares with us her spunky and erotic look into her sometimes informational, sometimes steamy moments and thoughts on sex.

A while back, I was daydreaming about an upcoming night at one of my favorite strip clubs:  the Palomino.  Our favorite VIP bartender, Moxxie Maddron works there, and on this night my significant other, Ash, and I were going to be surrounded by a few more beautiful women – and I’m not talking about the dancers.  I’m talking about Athena Pleasures and Stormy Daniels.  Stormy was going to be feature dancing at the Palomino, and Athena is an adult actress who I’ve met through my many adventures in writing about the sex industry.  In one of my conversations with Athena, she mentioned that she had never had a lap dance or been to the Palomino.  So we decided to kill two birds with one stone.  We were off to get Athena a lap dance and to see Stormy dance at the Palomino.  And although the night didn’t play out entirely like I had dreamed up in my fantasy, it was as great.

Most would think that conversation wouldn’t be a highlight of a night at a strip club, but that’s not really how Ash and I roll.  Conversation with each other and with the dancers is always a fun part of the experience, and this particular night definitely topped most.

Ms. Daniels was at the VIP bar with Moxxie, our hot bartender, and Athena, Ash and I got to chat it up with them.  Stormy told me that before she got into the adult film industry she was a dancer, and boy, did she have some great stories from those days – one including a drunk-ass customer trying to light a fellow dancer’s tampon string on fire, as it was peaking out of her thong, and justifying this move by saying he “thought it was a firework.”  That guy was then beaten – to the point of having to call an ambulance to take him to the emergency room – with the dancer’s leather stiletto boot.

Like most adult stars, Stormy Daniels has seen some crazy shit during her days in the industry.  She also told us about a guy in the adult industry who shoved a strip of licorice inside his penis hole.  Although painful, apparently the body heat melts the licorice, so when the guy got off, it tasted like candy cum.  For a split second while Stormy was telling us about this, I could see the wheels in Ash’s head turning.  He was actually considering this idea … that was until he also considered the mechanics and potential pain – that and the fact that they make flavored lube.

Randomly, a male adult performer, Jack Spade, whom I have also met through my writing, heard about our shenanigans on Twitter, and met us there to say “Hi.”  Jack leaned over at one point in the night and mentioned, “I’ve learned some lessons from Stormy.  She’s amazing.”  I was instantly intrigued.  Never for one moment did I doubt that Stormy had some words of wisdom, but I wanted to know what they were.  So, of course, I asked her.  The conversation went something like this with Stormy saying:

“Jack is so funny.  I gave him a blowjob like 10 years ago, and he still remembers it.  It’s all because of the twist and tug.” 

Stormy started demonstrating (with her hands and the air) the twist, tug, and suck technique, which incorporates twisting both hands in different directions as if giving an Indian burn, while jerking off (tugging) the cock and sucking.  I can imagine that the stimulation is pretty amazing for a guy, but I also imagine it takes some practice for a girl.  I planned on getting that practice in on Ash later that night, because if a male performer in the adult industry still remembers a specific blowjob from 10 years ago, it must have been pretty damn good.  And I would like the blowjobs I give to be that good!

But the most memorable part of the night for me was when Stormy said she was going up on stage to dance.  The gang and I made our way to the stage to tip and gawk at the beautiful Ms. Daniels.  And let me tell you, I was gawking.  I have seen a lot of girls dance, and I have seen a lot of adult actresses feature dance, but I have never seen anything like this before.

Stormy danced to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” – that’s a long-ass song, and she didn’t lose energy or sexiness for a second.  Athena and I were sitting closest to the stage, so Jack handed me a bunch of ones and told me to:  “Make it rain on her.”  I have never “made it rain” on anyone before, so I was nervous.  I didn’t want to look like a “make it rain” virgin.  Apparently, there is a raining technique, where you fan out ones and shuffle them out, one by one, causing them to “rain” down over the girl.  You would think, after all the times I’ve been in strip clubs, I would know how to do it.  Anyway, I looked up at Stormy and announced while she was dancing, that I wanted to “make it rain on her.”  So she turned around, stuck her amazing ass out and started shaking it.  All eyes in the club were on me:  the nerdy girl in the glasses with a stack of ones in her hand, who was about to start the money shower on the hot Stormy’s sexy butt.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I proceeded to just flop the dollars on her booty – and not very gracefully.  And as if the drizzle that was my “make it rain” attempt wasn’t enough, I was “Ohhhing” and “Awwing”, in hopes of distracting from my failed dollar bill shower, which only made it worse.

It was all a little mortifying.  So much so, in fact, that once Stormy was done dancing and back at the bar with us, we started to discuss how much I needed some practice.  She suggested that I practice on Ash.  But she said, “He doesn’t need to be naked or stripping, because stripping is just weird for men.  They look silly doing it.  Just practice on him when he’s doing the dishes.  Now that’s sexy!”  Hilarious!

Ash, Jack and I later watched Athena lose her lap dance cherry to a cute Palomino girl, which was pretty entertaining, and were about ready to go when Stormy offered to give Ash and I a lap dance.  Seriously, who gets a lap dance from one of the most beautiful women in porn?  We do!  It was pretty awesome.  Stormy is so sexy to me and definitely knows how to work her body.  It was a great way to end the night.  I then got to lick some vodka-infused whip cream off the super sexy Moxxie Maddron’s tits and headed home.  

All-in-all, the night was probably better than my fantasy.  I mean, sure MY titties didn’t get licked at the club, but Ash made up for that later.

XOXO, Lilith Diana    
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