SEX and SIN CITY - Where The Customer is NEVER Right


Where the Customer is NEVER Right
by Lilith Diana

Sex and Sin City is an ongoing feature by STRIPLV writer, Lilith Diana, as she shares with us her spunky and erotic look into her sometimes informational, sometimes steamy moments and thoughts on sex.

A few weeks ago, Ash and I decided to head over to a nearby strip club.  It had been our second favorite spot.  We knew a few of the dancers, we knew the doorman, and were starting to get to know some of the bartenders and waitresses.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever go back.  I don’t want to name any names, but let’s just say that this particular place involves horses and gets crazy, times three...  Anyway, Ash and I were having a great night.  We had received a few sexy dances from two of our favorite girls in the world, we were tipsy and we were getting pretty horny.  We had just ordered a round of house vodka on the rocks with a cherry – our choice of drinks – and were closing out.  Now, when you’re a member at this club, you get a special drink discount card, so Ash gave our waitress his debit card and his membership card.  She took them and brought back Ash’s cards and receipt to sign.  Each drink was $8, so our total was $16.  Ash gave her a $5 tip, and we thought that was the end of it.  However, only a few minutes later, the same waitress came back and said that since we were members, our drinks should have been half price, so she needed Ash’s card back to put the credit on it.  I suggested, instead of putting $8 bucks back on our card, just give us another round and we would call it even.  I figured it would just be easier for everyone and it would work out to be the same price.  She agreed and was back with two more drinks.

We were getting nice and cozy when the waitress came back a third time and said she made a mistake – she had charged us the right price for the drinks initially and now informed us that we owed $52.  Huh?  $52 dollars on 4 $4-dollar drinks?  I don’t even know how that math adds up.  

Who the fuck cares about $16, $52, or however much it was – but I kind of do care, when the fault is not mine.  The only reason we got the two additional drinks was to make up for her mistake.  We were trying to be easy for her.  She seemed to understand, but said she needed to talk to her floor manager about it for approval.  Next thing we know, the floor manager Sean comes over and we explained the situation to him.  The three of us ended up talking in circles.  Sean didn’t understand us or the situation, and really didn’t take the time.  But eventually, Sean took Ash’s membership card and said he’d take care of everything and would be right back.  We waited there for more than 40 minutes and Sean never came back.  We tried flagging down our waitress, but she avoided us.  We also asked other floor men who paged him several times, but he still wouldn’t show his face.  We got so annoyed just waiting for him, that we went to the front to talk to the doorman we knew to hopefully have him call Sean up to the front.  The doorman completely understood where we were coming from and told us it would all work out.  He radioed Sean for us, and then we waited for another 10 minutes.  Nothing.  So, the doorman tried calling him again.  At this point, we just wanted to get our card back and go home.  Five more minutes passed, and finally Sean came up front.  Ash asked where he had been and where his card was, and Sean proceeded to tell him that we had consumed more than $80 worth of drinks, so if we wanted the card back, we’d have to pay.  I have no idea where $80 came from, but I do know that he was now holding our card for ransom.  Ash started laughing a bit at the situation and simply stated that we would not be paying for anything.  Sean, just like before, did not agree with us, and was getting more and more upset.  And as we were walking out the door, Sean proceeded to tell us to “Get the fuck out.”  Really, man?  We’re leaving.  You’re telling us to leave as we’re walking out of the door?

I understand that we are initially talking about a small amount of money.  That, though, is not the point.  The point is that we were fairly regular patrons of this club.  And maybe we didn’t drop thousands this night, but between the dances and the drinks, we have definitely dropped some money there.  We’ve treated everyone respectfully, and even when our waitress said she made a mistake, we just tried making it easier on her and everyone.  But none of this was considered.  It didn’t matter.  I realize strip clubs are different beasts than other customer service industries, but the No. 1 rule in customer service is:  The customer is always right.  How many times have you heard that?  Even people who aren’t in customer service know this.  Obviously, however, Sean has never heard of this rule.  This club will not miss the money Ash and I contributed to it.  They get enough business.  But clubs come and go often here, and if this is how this particular club is going to treat their customers, then I hope they will be the next to undergo reorganization, new management, or closure.

The big guy who is the doorman was super nice and apologetic.  He tried smoothing things over, but it was too late.  I can’t say that I’m not bummed.  I am.  Two of our favorite girls dance there and the building is very nice.  We had been building relationships with the people, and it was close to our house.  But now, Ash and I will never be back, unless Sean ceases to work there.  We’d rather go to a place and have to start from scratch, in terms of building relationships with the dancers, doormen, and staff, than be treated poorly by an establishment where we were choosing to spend money.  Luckily, there are about three others less than a mile away from this one.

Go screw yourself, Sean, and maybe consider a job outside of the customer service industry.

XOXO, Lilith Diana

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