UFC - Blood Sport




How far is too far? Harkening back to the Roman Empire and the days of gladiators, the UFC and the skill set of its fighters has taken the sport to a new level of brutality, as the fans seem to want more and more blood, and the league, if you will, demands more and more of it. Bloody, brutal but popular gladiatorial contests are often seen as the dark side of Roman civilization, and history will probably write that the UFC, Bellator, and other mixed martial art leagues are the dark side of American culture. Human’s deep attraction to extreme violence remains something we don’t completely understand. Historians have struggled to explain how a country that is so civilized is so keen on watching men and women fight to the death. As with the Roman Empire games, the UFC is organized combat and ritualized violence. Makes you wonder when it will eventually come to a startling halt – when someone actually dies in the ring and brings the whole sport crumbling to the ground – or if that will become the norm, mass entertainment if you will, becoming the backbone of mass entertainment for centuries to come.


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