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Oh, No You Didn’t!

By Jack Wellington

When you think of the ladies of England, the terms Victorian, virtuous, and even prudish may come to mind. But those descriptions may be the very traits that lead many English gals rebelliously seeking extramarital affairs. Whether that reason holds true, English ladies currently are the most unfaithful worldwide, followed by the Swedish women and then the American, according to leading extramarital dating site,

Launched by happily married media executive, Mr. Sigurd Vedal, in 2010, Victoria Milan is one of the world’s leading discreet social networks for men and women seeking a secret affair, and has today become one of the world’s fastest-growing and leading social networks for secret extramarital affairs, surpassing 4 million members worldwide in more than 33 countries.


#1 UNITED KINGDOM – 38% of them are over 40 years old
#2 SWEDEN – 36% of them are sexy cougars
#3 UNITED STATES – 22% are single women looking for a married man (sugar daddy if possible, as those college loans don’t pay themselves off)
#4 IRELAND – 46% are looking for just a one-night-stand with each lover
#5 FRANCE – 20% are open to have a “Ménage à Trois” affair
#6 THE NETHERLANDS – 26% are looking for lovers of both genders to satisfy their bisexual fantasies
#7 FINLAND – 42% spend an average of more than 2 hours a day online looking for a lover
#8 BELGIUM – 27% of them look for foreigners to have as lovers
#9 SPAIN – 34% of the women are looking for someone older than themselves
#10 MEXICO – 28% are married women of 20-25 years looking for an affair

So what are they looking for?

A whopping 68% of the more than 4,000 female members surveyed report that they are unfaithful because of a lack of good sex in their relationship. The results also show that 32% are looking for one-night-stand affairs, 46% for something short term, and 22% for a parallel relation to their steady relationship. Vedal explains: “Most of our members join the site because of the lack of sex and passion in their relationship, but there is a deeper need being met here. Many people are searching for affection, a deeper connection that can lead to real feelings, not just sex. What kind of cheating is more painful? It totally depends on the individual, and maybe on gender as well.”

Age: 20- 35
Education: University
Occupation: Administration, Management, Human Resources
Personality: Flirtatious, Sense of Humor, Honest
Interests: Traveling, Sex and Erotic Music
Turn-Ons: Sense of Humor, Self-Confidence and Intelligence

Are men and women really from Mars and Venus? Maybe so, according to another survey of 5,000 of the site’s members, asking about how they feel about sexual affairs versus mental and emotional affairs. Surprisingly—or not, depending on your opinion on the subject—men and women judge the type of affair their partners engage in very differently.

76% of women are more likely to forgive a carnal affair, unlike most cheating men. While it’s true that any type of affair can be painful for anyone, you may be surprised by the site’s results. When it comes to judging and forgiving affairs, men and women think differently about sexual affairs versus purely mental and emotional affairs.

72% of men find sexual affairs worse than emotional affairs, while the majority of female respondents (69%) consider emotional affairs as the worst-case scenario. In contrast, only 30% of women would forgive their partners for engaging in emotional cheating, compared to a whopping 80% of male respondents that indicate they would rather try to forgive and forget.

The results reveal how different men and women actually are, and how differently their minds work. Women experiment with a higher emotional intensity and jealousy, while men experiment in a more sexual and carnal way. Depending on the individual, both can be difficult to forgive and forget.


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