Gorgeous and Gory - Zombie Pinup Collection


Gorgeous & Gory: 
The Zombie Pinup Collection 
by Jessica Rajs

The Zombie Pinup Collection by Jessica Rajs is a uniquely grisly yet sexy compendium of stunning photography from Gorgeous & Gory, whose signature style of dangerously deadly pinups are imagined in the fantastical balance between glamorous and gruesome. The picturesque undead are fashioned with both vintage precision and sensuous abandon. 

Now, all of the exquisitely bizarre beauty has been compiled into one essential anthology of over 200 photos by fashion photographer and retoucher Jessica Rajs, who writes a zombie-centric column titled “Dead Flesh” for Rebel Ink magazine, and organizes events that celebrate the undead. Included are images from all four of her calendars plus many photos never before seen, along with a special behind-the-scenes. Lustfully arousing and surprisingly fun, this collection is essential for undead enthusiasts and pinup admirers alike. •

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