SEX AND SIN CITY - Role-Playing at the Stratosphere



Sex and Sin City is an ongoing feature by STRIPLV writer, Lilith Diana, as she shares with us her spunky and erotic look into her sometimes informational, sometimes steamy moments and thoughts on sex.

A little while ago, I thought it would be fun for Ash and I to try role-playing sex.  We’ve read about it in several dirty stories, and it always sounded sexy and fun.  So one night, I dressed up as a naughty school teacher and decided to teach him a lesson.  We continued these “classes” for several weeks, until one night, we decided to venture outside our house for some sexy role-playing.  

We planned to dress up as someone else.  We both had to come up with a new name, a new story, and a new look.  And on a specific date, and at a specific time, we would both show up to a place where the odds of someone recognizing us were slim-to-none.

The day came, and we were both excited to play out the night.  But the logistics of our plan got a little fuzzy.  We both had to get ready in our house, but the point was to not see each other until we accidentally met up later that night.  So Ash got his clothes and everything he needed from our bedroom and got ready in our guest room, while I got ready in our bedroom.  Before we shut the doors, we kissed, wished each other a good night, and reassured each other that we’d see each other in the morning.  

So there we were, in our separate rooms, changing our identities for a (totally planned) chance encounter with someone new (not so new at all).  The plan was to meet at the 107 Lounge at the top of the Stratosphere at 9pm.  So about 45 minutes before our arranged meeting time, Ash knocked, and through the door, he told me he was leaving.  My heart was beating pretty hard.  I knew it was him that I’d be meeting, but I was still nervous and excited, and anxious to see him and for him to see me.

I dressed up as Chloe, a public relations rep for the art department at Boston University (by the way, I have no clue if this job actually exists, but it sounds fun).  I was in Vegas because a few of our alumni were part of an art show in Vegas, and we wanted to check out the up-and-coming Las Vegas art scene.  (Pretty good, right?!)  I wore a brown wig that was cut in the shape of a bob with bangs (very artsy).  I had on a black lacey bodysuit, covered by black leggings and a large belted faux fur vest.  I’m sure I looked ridiculous, but I felt like my character.

About 10 minutes after Ash left, I drove myself to the Stratosphere and made my way to the lounge.  You have to go through security before getting on one of the two elevators that take visitors up to the top of the Stratosphere.  So I made my way through the security line, and I felt like I caught a glimpse of Ash.  I tried holding back a bit, but I was already getting strange looks from the security guards and really most of the people around me.  It was at that point I realized the wig I was wearing was a cheap one from Halloween.  Perhaps I should have considered this before wearing it out in public not during Halloween.  Anyway, I made it through security and was on my way to the elevator to the top of the Stratosphere, when sure enough, there was Ash, in line, waiting to go up.  We glanced at each other, trying not to exchange smiles.  

Ash, or whoever this strange, handsome man was, looked like my kind of man!  He was dressed really nicely and looked hot!  He was wearing dark jeans, a button up shirt with a tie and a jacket.  His hair was straightened.  (I had recently mentioned that I liked Ashton Kutcher’s hair in a Nikon commercial.  Apparently, he had taken note, and I was impressed.)

The elevator ride was completely awkward.  First of all, I felt like everyone was staring at me and my wig, and I’m sure they were.  Second of all, Ash and I were pretending not to know each other.  And third of all, we were pretending to be completely different people.  The elevator attendant was asking everyone questions about where we were from and why we were in Vegas, so this mystery man and I were finding information out about one another as we were traveling up to our meeting place.  

Once we got out of the elevator, things got even more awkward.  Was I supposed to follow this guy?  Was I supposed to go off on my own?  I had no idea.  So I decided to follow him to the bar.  I kept my distance though, and sat two seats away from him.  I’m sure the bartender was confused.  It looked like we came together, but I didn’t sit next to him.  The bartender came over and asked what I wanted to drink.  I ordered an extra dirty dirty martini.  He then asked to see my ID.  After suspiciously glancing back and forth between my ID and my actual face, he gave it back to me and asked the man two seats down what he wanted.  

We sat there in silence for a few minutes, probably until our drinks were served.  Then, we started talking.  We exchanged names.  His was Alex.  We exchanged stories.  He was a science teacher from Champaign, Ill.  We talked about what brought us to Vegas.  He was here for a bachelor party and was staying at the Stratosphere.  (Did this mean he had a room here for real, I wondered?)  Adding to my ridiculous appearance was the fact that I was all smiles.  I couldn’t stop smiling;  Alex’s story was so cute, and it just tickled me, it still does to think about it.

We continued to talk, and I moved closer, bridging the gap between us.  After we finished our drinks, Alex leaned over and asked if I’d like to go to his room.  He had a bottle of vodka there, and we could drink for free.  Now, I am not the kind of girl that follows strange men to their hotel rooms after one drink, but Chloe was.  And considering this man was just a pretend stranger, I was curious if Ash, I mean Alex, actually had a room.  So I accepted his offer.

Alex asked the bartender for the bill, but before he could even say that he wanted to pay for my drink, the bartender brought him the tab with both our drinks on it.  Either the bartender thought Alex needed some guidance with me, or we weren’t all that good at pretend personas after all.  I’m guessing the latter is the correct assumption.  I followed Alex to the elevator, back down to the lobby and over to another set of elevators.  If he didn’t have a room, I was sure curious as to where he was taking me.  We arrived at the door, which Alex opened for me.  There inside was one of the Stratosphere’s suites.  It was lovely.  It was huge.  The bed was big and fluffy, and there was a huge jacuzzi tub in the center of the room.  It was very impressive for the Stratosphere.

Alex poured us very strong drinks.  We downed them, and he poured us another.  He then started the jacuzzi tub, and I teased him about how I’ve never bathed with someone I just met.  It was hard to keep our personas up, and although we tried to keep it going, we dropped most of it.  It was mostly just playful – calling each other Alex and Chloe, reassuring each other that we never sleep with strangers, discussing how far away Boston and Illinois are.  I even kept my wig on for most of the night.  

We spent the rest of the night sexing it up – on the bed, in the tub, against the window – as Chloe and Alex.  It was a great one-night-stand.  And the next morning, we checked out and went our separate ways, and just as we had reassured each other the night before, we met at home and got in bed with each other as Lilith and Ash. 

XOXO, Lilith Diana

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