Back in the days of Shakespeare, an acronym emerged that has stood the test of time.  In Willy’s day, only men were permitted to perform on stage.  So, for many plays, the male actors would have to “Dress” as a girl, or dress as a boy during the production.  Fast-forward to modern times and you can immerse yourself in the current world of DR.A.G, a coffee table book now available from  The book is big (11” x 11”) and beautifully bound.  The photos feature iconic Drag performers such as Las Vegas’ own Frank Marino and Larry Edwards.  The photos are colorful and engaging, and the intricacy within the makeup and their costumes is amazing.  It will do what all good coffee table books should do, and that is:  spark some good conversation.

Proceeds from all book sales will help to fund a film about the performers and the unique lifestyle they live in Drag.  Get your copy at





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