Drink - All Night Long


by Brittany Santos

Las Vegas is a 24-hour town. To live here and to visit here, you have to master the art of drinking. It is because of this 24-hour party all night atmosphere that it is very easy for the everyday visitor and resident alike to turn into a raving imbecile. We at STRIPLV have long enjoyed the people watching that our city gives us. Sadly, my friends, if you are looking for a tourist location that actually seems to breed moronic behavior – that would be our city. You don’t want to fall prey to that stereotype, do you? You don’t necessarily need to follow the hipsters, but a few strategic drinking tips can have you navigating your all-night Las Vegas drinking experience better than Keith Richards. The following are a few tips to help you create an ultimate Vegas night that you can talk about for years to come.

GET A HOME BASE. If you are a local, get a room to share with your friends for the night. If someone is a lightweight, they have a safe place to crash while the rest of the crew is living it up. If you are a visitor to town, you already have one, and it goes without saying, we hope you cab it, or limo it, so no one has to drive.

MAYBE A LITTLE YEAST? Sounds funny we know, but after the founder of Sam Adams, Jim Koch, did his now viral interview with Esquire magazine, this little drinking tip is catching on. He told the writer that the way he can drink all night and never get drunk is by mixing a teaspoon of yeast per drink that you are going to consume. He learned the tip from his good friend (another craft beer legend that also had a PhD in biochemistry). He found that yeast has an enzyme in it called alcohol dehydrogenases, which actually mitigates the effects of alcohol. Not eliminate mind you, but a little help before your night out is not such a bad idea.

SAY NO TO DINNER. To make it successfully through a whole night of drinking, skip the stomach stuffing meal and settle for multiple snacks throughout the night: an appetizer at this bar, and then an appetizer at the next. When you are trying to execute the perfect all-night drinking session, you need to look at food as fuel.

HYDRATE OFTEN. We all want to be Frank Sinatra, don’t we? Well, maybe not all of us. But having a glass of water after every drink reminds you how many you’ve had and will help you to ward off the dreaded hangover that occurs from dehydration.

KEEP IT SOCIAL. No one wants to be that guy: the one sitting by himself at the bar getting sloshed all by his lonesome. If you are trying to execute the perfect all-nighter and insist on doing it by yourself, at least chat it up with the bartender or something. But really, if you are looking for an epic night, it is better with a friend, one who you can share your victorious night with.

GET HOMEOPATHIC WHILE DRINKING. Famed mixologist, Alex Ott, who famously held drinking safaris in NYC, created a revolution in the bar industry. A bartender who also studied organic chemistry, Ott discovered that he could create a mixologist’s cure for whatever his customers were feeling at that moment.  Using different essential oils, pressed juices and herbs, Ott found that his all-natural cocktail creations could actually boost moods, alleviate stress, and more. His drinking safaris in the city were a test to his alcohol creations (for $300 per person). He would prove that his carefully crafted drinks could enable each person to consume 12 drinks during the evening, without getting a hangover the next day. His mad scientist techniques took him from bartender to bar menu creator for notable places like Sushi Samba and Svedka Vodka. It even prompted him to create his own hangover prevention drink called Mercy.

GRAB A BEER. When you feel exhaustion setting in, grab a beer, not a coffee or an energy drink. Beer can change up the night and bring you some much-needed refreshment. Energy drinks and coffee can zap the effects of alcohol, leading to drinking more than you should. Best way to keep the night epic is to change venues and get a cold brew to keep things going.

AVOID SHOT ROUNDS AT ALL COSTS. When trying to execute the night-out of all “night-outs,” it is almost sitcom-like predictable, that someone will order a round of shots. Take the defensive measure on this one, and have a shot and a beer sitting in front of you when that moment happens. The shot is a Russian roulette to your night not worth taking. Who knows what crazy concoction may be served, and with two drinks in front of you at the time, no one will question why you didn’t participate.

BOTTLE SERVICE? NO THANKS. Not to blow the roof off of this dirty little Vegas secret, but having a table with a bottle doesn’t make you a VIP, it makes you a mark. Bottle rats (girls hired by clubs to empty bottles for beaucoup-$$) will hound you, and your server will be pouring your drinks for you as heavy as he or she can, attempting to get you to order another bottle. The kicker to all of this is that they serve cheap, highly-sugared mixers that only add fuel to a really painful headache the next day.

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