SHOOT LAS VEGAS - Sniper Rifle - A Word From The "Big Shot" - Eric Brashear


To the regular world, this iconic slogan typically means to call long distance. In the gun world, it can mean only one thing: Sniper.

Dating back to 1777, when the Colonists hid in trees to pick off British officers, (the longest shot being 400 yards) to Snipers in the trenches in World War I, to today – Snipers have come a long way. The longest kill shot on record during battle was made in 2009 by British soldier COH Craig Harrison with an Accuracy International L115A3 Arctic Warfare Sniper rifle. The .338 Lapua round travelled more than 27 football fields (2,707 yards to be exact) to take out two Taliban machine gunners. Let’s put that into perspective. If you were standing in front of Mandalay Bay and you took off like a shot, you would fly past Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York, Monte Carlo, CityCenter, Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, and you would probably land in the fountain at Caesars Palace. That’s more impressive than Mark Wahlberg did in the movie, Shooter, with his Cheytac M200 Intervention against a can of stew.

What does it take to be a world class Sniper? Patience, a lot of training, and the right equipment (including the round fired). The Cheytac uses its own proprietary .408 caliber round at a cost of about $7.00 each (versus a standard .308 round that cost a tenth of that). The .338 Lapua is a more conventional round and the choice for many Snipers. Want to try a Sniper rifle? We have the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Sniper rifle, just like the one that holds the record, (except ours is chambered in .308).

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Eric Brashear is the “Big Shot” at Shoot Las Vegas. 

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