BOTTLE SERVICE: Should We Buy A Bottle?



In Las Vegas, there is no shortage of wildly fun and beautiful places to party, whether you are a local or a tourist.  The clubs are lavish, the pools beyond compare, and the scene while you are there is vibrant and alive.  The question is, what is the best way to navigate this overwhelming surplus of places to swill a few, get the most value, and not to mention, most pleasure out of your “Vegas experience”.  One service that has become common practice here in Vegas at the clubs and pools alike is bottle service.  For you summer pool-goers and club-hoppers we offer some advice on this way of life here in Sin City – starting with why should you get bottle service?  Is it really what you want?  And finally, some tips on protecting yourself against being ripped off when you do order a bottle of Goose or Patron.

Why bottle?  There are a few reasons you want to order a bottle or two, depending on your party size.  The first is that by making a reservation at a pool or club for bottle service, you are assigned a VIP host.  The host will escort you into the party, and unless you are a group of hot-looking women, without this host you will need to throw the doorman a $50 to $100 tip to get in the door, or wait 45 minutes in line with all the losers that are not “in the know”.  Second, you get a seat.  You may be planning to bust your best Soulja Boy impression on the dance floor, but trust me, at some point, a table to sit at is a blessing, and something only those who have purchased bottle service are guaranteed.  Not only that, VIP hosts want you to have fun, and to experience as much fun as possible:  tip them well, and they can direct a steady stream of single ladies to your table all night.  The next big benefit to ordering bottles for your group is the cost.  Drinks at the bar can run anywhere from $12 to $20 a beverage, plus all the tips you’ll have to shell out to hosts and bouncers just to get in to the club can add up fast.  On top of that, the service:  you will have your own waitress that will attend to your table and you won’t be forced to wait at the bar with the other lemmings at a 30-minute wait for a drink, maybe longer, depending on how busy the night.

Is bottle service what you really want?  This is a question you really need to ask your crew;  it is still very pricey to order a bottle, so you want to be sure it fits with the night out that you have planned.  If you are looking to get in a club and hear one of your favorite DJ’s spin all night long, then bottle service is perfect.  In other words, be in it for the long haul at one “happening” spot.  If you are looking to walk the Strip and try different places here and there, then you can take advantage of different drink and lounge specials that may be running at the places that aren’t so crowded, and spend significantly less than making a bottle reservation.  There are a lot of clubs competing for your dollars and many have their reps walking the Strip and casinos alike, handing out coupons and discount offers.  So if you are open to letting the night lead you where it may, then maybe this is a better option for you.

Finally before we go, I want to warn you about a few of the pitfalls you may encounter when deciding to reserve your bottle on your next visit to the Strip.  First off, the more bottles you order, the more money the club and the waitress make.  You have to watch the pour – I have witnessed numerous times a waitress pouring monster glasses of Vodka to no one in particular, in an effort to get your group to order another bottle.  Second, WATCH your bottle.  You may want to have a designated “bottle watcher”;  an unattended bottle is free drinks on the dance floor.  You may hit the floor feeling “sexy and knowing it”, only to come back to an empty bottle.  Keep someone at the table to prevent this.  Also keep in mind, that only a few mixers are included with a bottle order, (generally ice, soda water, cranberry juice, and orange juice), any extra mixers such as Red Bulls, bottles of water, etc., can really add up.  Finally, I know it sounds enticing that the VIP hosts send over single ladies on request, I get it, but also get what the single ladies are more than likely looking for – and no, it’s not in your pants, Chester.  The best part about being a young cute girl in Vegas is free drinks, and when invited to your table, that is exactly what they will enjoy – and at your expense.  So be sure that when they do come over, you’re ready for the added bill and little or no play, unless you have more money to throw around. 

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