SEX and SIN CITY - Unleashing My Inner Sex Kitten


By Lilith Diana

Sex and Sin City is an ongoing feature by STRIPLV writer, Lilith Diana, as she shares with us her spunky and erotic look into her sometimes informational, sometimes steamy moments and thoughts on sex.


I swear – men have it so easy. When they are ready to get down and dirty, they are ready to get down and dirty. Women... not so much. A woman could be a size six, have long, beautiful hair, lovely perky tits and be practically perfect in every way and still go to bed questioning: how she’ll look naked, if she’ll be able to come tonight, and in the event that she does come, how awkward her orgasm face will be.  It really feels like the stars have to align for women to go to bed confident and ready to unleash their inner sex kittens. 

Okay, okay. Maybe this isn’t entirely fair. I’m sure men also experience self-consciousness inside the bedroom. And I’m also sure that not all women are like the woman I just described – but man, earlier this year, I was this woman, and I was 100 percent OVER IT! So far, 2014 has been one of the best years of my life. I have felt my absolute happiest about life at large, but I also went through a phase where I felt the absolute worst about my body. And unfortunately, those negative feelings made me feel pretty unsexy at times – making my inner sex kitten hide deep down inside – which is a real shame, because I like my inner sex kitten, and so does Ash. I like to feel sexy and a little naughty. I like feeling confident and comfortable in my skin. But those feelings weren’t coming naturally.

I asked a couple of my girlfriends how they unleashed their inner sex kittens – especially when they were feeling down and dumpy – and gave a few of their suggestions a try. Here’s how it turned out:

Pamper yourself:  “A spa day or the salon helps me feel pretty inside and out.”
I can be very selfish about “me time,” so taking time to get my hair done, nails done, grab a coffee or whatever, worked double duty. Not only did it fill my me-time need, but it also helped me feel pretty. As for a trip to the spa, Ash and I like to plan these together. We schedule couples massages, and there’s just something sexy about lying naked next to your partner while two women oil you up and rub you down. My inner sex kitten was unleashed the second the therapists left the room!

Get dolled up:  “Putting on makeup, getting my hair styled or wearing a sexy bra and panty set, even if it’s just under my clothes, always makes me feel sexy.”
This advice was a bit of a no-brainer, but it worked, especially the tip about wearing a sexy bra and panty set. Find me a woman who doesn’t love that feeling! Having a sexy, matching bra and panty set made me want to curl my hair, do my makeup and put on a hot little number. It also made me anxious to get out of my clothes to show off what was on underneath.

Set the mood:  “Dim lights and mood music always, always work!”
This advice was great! Ash and I decided to make a bedroom playlist together. We each picked five or six of the sexiest songs and saved them to a playlist on Spotify. Some of our songs included “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, “Glory Box” by Portishead and “Give It to Me Right” by Melanie Fiona. There’s something about those songs that make me all tingly just thinking about them.

Switch things up:  “Exchange nighttime romps with midday or morning, so the ‘I’m tired’ feeling doesn’t become an excuse.”
I have always been a morning sex kind of girl, so this advice spoke to me! Switching things up makes things more exciting because of the unexpected/spontaneous nature of the unknown. Additionally, a quickie first thing in the morning left me wanting more all day long. Every time my mind would wander, it’d wander right back to Ash’s hard morning wood. By the time I got home from work, my pussy (see what I did there … inner sex kitten … pussy … heh-heh) was definitely craving more. We all go through times when our self-esteem isn’t at its highest – or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. But for me, it’s about not letting that interfere with my relationship and my sex life, and that can be challenging. It’s about finding little things, like a new bra and panty set, or listening to sexy music, to get you out of your head and able to unleash that inner sex kitten. And I speak from experience when I say that when you are able to do that, and able to enjoy the freedom of being a little wild and a little naughty while getting a lot of pleasure, that confidence starts to creep back in. And nothing is sexier than a confident woman.

XOXO, Lilith Diana
Follow Lilith on Twitter @LilithDiana. 

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