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by Tiffany Masters


Recently I attended a class in my girlfriend’s living room, where she invited a dozen women over to ask questions of Sex Expert, Chelene Morgan. Her class was called “Risqué Q&A”. Not only did I think this was a great story to cover, but I had some questions to ask, myself! I went into the room, about to burst with so much curiosity. I needed to know why it’s so hard to achieve the almost impossible orgasm. What was wrong with me?


Where is the “G-spot” and why is it such a mystery? Is it in the same place on every woman? What makes it so significant in sex?

Do men have a “G-spot”?

I’ll admit, I used to own a website: I was the spokeswoman for a product called viacreme. I was all about selling that little pink packet. For those of you that were around in 2001, you may have seen me come into Drai’s, after-hours, and lay out a pink cloth on a table in the library. I used to sell those little tubes of fun to people partying their ass off at 3am. What an icebreaker to those guys trying to close the deal on their dates. LOL! I crack myself up when I look back at the things I did in nightlife. I seriously doubt if anyone could get away with selling vagina cream today. Oh, by the way, noted fact here: The cream doesn’t work. I do believe that sometimes it helps one to believe that the menthol is making something magical happen. Sorry guys, I lied – making everyone think that I had multiple O’s daily. Truth is, the only screaming-O I ever had was off the “I Love Sushi” menu.

What percentage of women have “THE BIG O”
through intercourse alone?

What are the different variations of orgasms?
What are most common?

Is squirting real?

What is FACT, is that men don’t know about a woman’s body.
(It takes 20 minutes of stimulation in foreplay
before a woman can achieve orgasm.)

Why is it easier to climax with a vibrator than a man?
How much is physical and how much is mental?

After 2 hours of bonding with the ladies, I found that we are very different. No two bodies are the same. And neither are our libidos. I learned that it’s most important to express your desires with your sex partner. It’s okay to say “bite me,” “I want to try to do anal,” or even be open to roll-playing. I can adventure into something that I’ve never thought of and may like!

Every month, I’ll be hosting these parties and helping men and women learn more about themselves and their partners, while taking them around Vegas and showing them strip clubs, sex clubs, purchasing adult toys, getting a first lap dance, questions to sex experts, interviewing the doctor about Oxytocin, Cialis, and others, and finding out what medical help is offered today that works. By doing these events, I’ll be able to enjoy my adventures even more – in search of the orgasm.