LIVE FROM VEGAS ~ with Auntie Sharron By Auntie Sharron


with Auntie Sharron
By Auntie Sharron

Happy New Year!
What is mind over matter? First of all, what matters to you? What matters to me is that all of us here in the U.S.A. have food, clothing, shelter and speak English.  I went to McDonald’s for a snack and the menu was in English and Spanish. What about the other immigrants that come here to U.S.A. and learn and speak English? McDonald’s management said the Spanish-speaking people that come to drive-thru yell at the employees, because they don’t speak Spanish. Whatever your race, sex, color – we speak English, period.  By the way, having sex is universal – they have the same sounds.  “Not tonight, honey, I have a headache.” 

Winter is here and if you get lonely, you can watch Downton Abbey, or Black List or watch STRIPLVTV (over 13 million views last year).  Living in Vegas is an ongoing affair with idiot drivers, the fabulous winter weather, every fashion style is an option, you can have breakfast, lap dances, gamble, shop 24/7 in the city that doesn’t sleep. Carrot Top is selling out – get your tickets early. My favorite show is Vegas–The Show at Planet Hollywood. Plus go see both Frankie Moreno and Frank Marino – the Diva!  
Fierce Questions for Auntie Sharron!
Dear Aunt Sharron:
How do I trust someone? 
Hi Mistrusted,
When in a conversation, suddenly ask, “Are you comfortable?” Most people will say, “Yes, of course.”  Then you will earnestly say, “Really?” and annoyance will appear on their face. Then ask this, “If you were in a bedroom with me, would you be sitting in the position you are now? If he is the man or woman you desire, get ready, are you trustworthy?  Here are a few things to learn about trusting: l. Does the person show up on time? 2. Have you noticed this person lying to someone? 3. When the person says something is going to happen, it happens? You get the message? Final word: Trust trustworthily people, and P.S. If you don’t want to get pregnant or someone pregnant, wear condoms.  Duh!
Dear Aunt Sharron:
I’m afraid to get kinky. What do I do?
Kinky Lee
Kinky Lee:
Do your kinky thing, and after the first time, it won’t be kinky. But please do not take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.  That is not kinky, that is nasty!
Okay guys and dolls, make this the best 2014 year you can. You get one chance at 2014 – kiss your darling, protect your animals, hug a tree and have some common sense in this planet earth, which appears to be the insane asylum of the universe. 

Listen to me Mondays 4-6pm, 
Nation-to-Nation with yours truly – ummmm, Auntie Sharron

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