By Eddie Rivkin


Greatness often takes years, sometimes decades to create. And great partnerships often involve the unlikeliest of bedfellows. The partnership of 140 year-old legendary S.T. Dupont with a new offshoot of 40 year-old Tournaire of Paris, called 2 Saints, has produced a line of products guaranteed to forever change the face of ultra high-end men’s accessories! These trendsetters in their individual fields could not be further apart when it comes to style. What they have created can best be described as a spectacular combination of style and craftsmanship.
S.T. Dupont is the benchmark by which “Classic Style” is defined. From fine writing instruments to lighters and cigar accessories, and leather goods to cuff links, Dupont’s unmistakable look is timeless.
Tournaire is based in Paris, France, and will be making its debut in the United States in 2014. Philippe Tournaire is one of the most highly respected contemporary and custom jewelers in Europe, specializing in the most incredible one-of-a-kind custom pieces ever seen. Philippe has created custom gold writing instruments for his patrons costing in excess of $500,000, and wrapped the skyline of Las Vegas on a pinky ring! Suffice it to say, if you can dream it, Philippe Tournaire can, and will, make it for you.

2 Saints is the vision of Frederic Saint Romain, and began designing its own line, with the assistance of Tournaire in 2011. Frederic’s vision and rock ‘n roll style is the basis for the Skulls & Roses, Celtic and Cowboy series released in November 2013. The 2014 and 2015 2 Saints lines are already being created and designed, also in partnership with S.T. Dupont. 2 Saints is targeting very successful men with a rebel spirit and who strive to be different.

Art and tattoos featuring skulls and roses have been around for over 100 years. In the last 10-15, courtesy of Christian Audigier, (Ed Hardy brand) everyone and their mother owned something with a skull, or a gun or a rose on it. Let me be perfectly clear: If you are thinking this is just another Ed Hardy or Sailor Jerry knockoff, think again. Skulls & Roses by 2 Saints for S.T. Dupont is to Ed Hardy as a Lamborghini is to a Fiat. After seeing Skulls & Roses, Celtic and Cowboy in person, and a preview of next year’s line, (which I wish I could tell you about), all I can say is start saving and keep your eyes peeled.
Skulls & Roses, Celtic and Cowboy are Limited Editions of only 111 of each lighter and pen, and only 11 humidors. The lighter alone is priced at $9,750. The ashtray is only available as part of the lighter/ashtray set for $14,600. The humidors go for $15,000. The collection also has incredible fountain and roller ball pens ($5,850 and $5,250), along with a spectacular set of cuff links for $1,200, all featuring the “Living Kills” Skulls & Roses design (lighter and ashtray pictured). Owning any of these incredible solid brass pieces of functional art will make you the envy of all your friends!
To see all of the lines from Dupont and Tournaire
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