By Jack Wellington


Reviews coming in from across the country on this parody are like a roller coaster ride of opinions, from “One of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time” and “Prepare to be surrounded by drunken cougars who are a in full-hearted giggle-fest” to “A huge disaster” and “The creators of the “50 Shades Parody” deserve a spanking.”

Chance are, you know someone who read the sexy and erotic novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, if not yourself! Though “SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody” is not associated whatsoever with its best-selling author E.L. James, the musical parody sure is “SPANKING” the nation poking fun with its bigger-than-life BDSM musical numbers meant to crack up both dedicated fans of the book, as well as newbies to the world of bondage and discipline.

“SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody” is written and directed by Jim Milan – best known for “Kids in the Hall”, “Marijuanalogues with Tommy Chong” and “Mythbusters Live” – so audiences can expect lots of comedy. The 90-minute show has been described as part “Second City”, part “Thunder From Down Under” – so we’re really hoping for some hilarity.

Of course there’s a hunky leading man, with naughty innuendos, and lots of surprises (we’ve been told). The humor is quite sexual, and more toward the raunchy, (like when the female character comes out into the audience to ask the question:

“Can I make my boyfriend love me if I let him put things in my butt?”
(which is why the show is only ages 21 and over allowed)

Since “50 Shades” seems to be 50/50, when it comes to the half positive, half negative view points of the musical parody, I guess you’re just gonna have to go and get “SPANKED” for yourself!

SPANK! The Musical (The Fifty Shades Parody)
The Gordie Brown Showroom • Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
Oct. 18 – Nov. 9, 2013 • Nightly at 9pm (except Mondays)
For tickets call: 866.946.5336 or visit:

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