With a name like Fantasy, and a production running over 13 seasons, in a town named “Sin City” – this show had to do a lot to impress me. To my surprise, it did just that.

I have had jobs for the past twenty years that really and truly are most men’s fantasies. As a photographer, I have been blessed with being surrounded by some of the most beautiful women on the planet, so I am just a bit jaded, shall we say. Also having a mother that was Johnny Mathis’s right-hand man, and a father who was one of the premiere editors for NBC, I grew up in and around the entertainment industry. Since leaving home and trying to create my little mark on the world, I have become friends with countless entertainers from all genres of the fine arts, from dance to music, acting, and comedy. So once again, needless to say, I can be cynical when it comes to anyone on stage or screen attempting to entertain me. However, there was no attempt made to entertain me when it came to the cast of Fantasy. They simply kept my attention, kept my interest, and even kept me laughing.


What aspect of the show should be complimented first? Yes, of course, we must first compliment not only the beautiful, but multitalented hostess of Fantasy, Lorena Peril. What qualities should the hostess of a sexy Las Vegas show possess? Well, first off, she must be beautiful with a killer body. √Check. Lorena’s got that. There are hundreds upon thousands of beauties in Las Vegas, so there has to be more than just a great body and face to host a sexy hit show. What good is an amazing body, if you have no control over it? Let’s just say, I think Lorena taught Shakira how to shake and swirl her hips. Not only does Lorena have control over her hips, she has control of the stage, and not just commands, but demands the audience’s attention. Lorena is quick-witted and her delivery is top-notch, (seriously sidesplitting humor – especially when interacting with an audience member that is either having way too good of a time or has had a few too many cocktails). She doesn’t talk at the audience, she communicates with the audience, and the response is overwhelming. Lorena never becomes topless herself – and even though you want her to shed her top because she has a ton of sex appeal, she simply doesn’t need to, because she is the host who brings another layer of class to an already classy show. The only criticism I have is that there’s way too much reverb on Lorena’s voice, making it sound a bit like she is singing at a karaoke bar. There is no reason to add that much reverb. Lorena’s voice is amazing, just the way it is. But, they might just want to leave that reverb button on, because it’s going to take some big shoes and hard work to replace Lorena, who sadly steps down as host of Fantasy this fall, to play Sandy on the stage tour of Grease. Lorena will be accompanied on this tour by her husband, Ray John, who will assume the roll of Vince Fontaine.

After warming up the audience, Lorena introduces the first of about 15 performances. The curtain rises and we can see only a bed surrounded by a low layer of fog on the stage. As you wait for one of the dancers to enter the stage from one of the wings, all of a sudden, one of them just rises out of the fog – a few seconds later another, then another. This is a sexy little routine that is performed to the song Nasty Girl, from the super sexy old-school R&B female group, Vanity 6. The routine is well choreographed and you can quickly tell that these girls are not just beautiful, but also top of the line trained dancers. Even though the routine was entertaining, I think they could have somehow made it a bit spicier, without losing the classiness in any way.

Several sexy routines followed the opening “bed” act, and all were preceded by Lorena either singing or telling jokes and having fun with audience members. Some of these routines included a number done with one of the dancers using a very large ostrich feather fan to do her seductive dance, and a Latin number that was so sexy, at one point, I had to remind myself to breathe. I have yet to mention just how beautiful the dancers in this production are, so I will do that now. WOW! I don’t ever remember seeing so many flawless beauties in one place – all with grace, class, and many real boobs. Yes, that’s what I said, “real boobs” and perfect ones, at that. It was not only sexy – it was refreshing to see.

Just when you thought the show couldn’t get much better, the fun and sexiness came to a screeching halt when a black guy dressed as James brown danced onto the stage, doing a corny James Brown impression. I thought to myself: ‘James Brown was never in any of my “Fantasies”. Just when I was sure the show was ruined by this no-talent hack, was I quickly proved wrong. James Brown’s real name is Sean E. Cooper. Not only was what to follow after the James Brown skit hilarious, it made the show even better. This guy who I at first thought was a hack, I will admit now, has a new fan, and that very big fan is me! I love comedy and I have been to comedy clubs all over the country. Not only have I worked on shows like Showtime’s Comedy Club All-Stars way back in 1988, I’ve worked with such comedy icons as Chris Rock and Andrew Dice Clay live in concert. Without hesitation or reservation, I can say that I laughed harder and enjoyed Sean’s performance more than Rock and Dice’s concerts put together. Sean plays to and interacts with the crowd. He is as quick with his wit as Billy the Kid was on the draw. If anyone in the audience said something or resounded to something Sean asked him, there was no delay in the comeback – and that comeback would make you laugh out loud every time. Let’s put it this way, I was more excited to shake his hand after leaving the show, than any of the dancers’.

After Sean’s sidesplitting performance had come to an end, Lorena came back out to remind you and get you back in a seductive sexy frame of mind. There were several more routines performed by the amazing dancers. I must go into detail about two of these routines: the first of which was a beautiful blonde with the most amazing body performing the most seductive and erotic pole dancing routine. This routine kept your eyes glued to her and the way she flawlessly… Wait just a second! I have seen that blonde someplace before. Hey, it’s the very sweet and sexy Chloe, who was a Cover Girl on this very magazine and is married to the Amazing Murray Celebrity Magician. I was shocked! I had no clue she was such an amazingly talented dancer. The second performance I want to rave about was my favorite of the night. There was a very amazing routine I have seen done numerous times, where the entertainer uses nothing but two silk sheets that hang from the ceiling to the floor. These routines are something you would imagine seeing in a show like Cirque or at the circus itself. I love these dangerous yet sexy and erotic aerial routines. The dancer performing this routine is named Sonya. Not only was Sonya good at this, she was the best I had ever seen. No wonder Sonya was so great, she is the fourth generation of dancers to entertain at a venue on the Las Vegas circuit.

So whom is Fantasy geared toward? It is geared toward single guys wanting to be entertained, and at the same time, turned on. And it is geared toward couples that might want to spice up their evening in a classy, fun way, while avoiding the strip clubs. Fantasy will leave you aroused. It will leave you shaking your head as you remember Sean E. Cooper, and most of all, it will leave you feeling like you got your money’s worth and that you were fully entertained.

Fantasy performs nightly at 10:30pm at the Luxor •



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