by Lilith Diana

Sex and Sin City is an ongoing feature by STRIPLV writer, Lilith Diana, as she shares with us her spunky and erotic look into her sometimes informational, sometimes steamy moments and thoughts on sex.


A few years ago, I was house-sitting for a family friend. She had this big, beautiful home that was broken into a few months prior. So when she went out of town, she liked someone to stay and watch over the house and her dogs, get the mail, take the trash out, and just make sure that everything was okay. She always paid well and was never very strict about guests, so it was a pretty easy gig, and the first thing I thought about after being asked was, “Aw yeah! Away-from-home sex!”
There’s always something really fun about getting naughty in a new environment. I don’t know if it’s the thrill of possibly getting caught, or if I just like rubbing my bare ass on someone else’s couch, but either way, it turns me on. Sure, I knew if I were to get caught, the days of getting paid to stay over and watch the house would be over, but that’s part of what made it so fun. Running around nude in someplace new just gets the blood pumping to the right areas on this woman’s body.
Well, one of the nights I was house-sitting, Ash came to visit me. We decided to have a few drinks and get a little rowdy. We had been messing around for a bit playing some sort of naughty game. I can’t remember what we were playing, but knowing us, it was probably something like strip poker. Whatever it was, though, we eventually stripped down to our birthday suits and started in on each other’s bodies. Away-from-home sex was about to begin!
After some vigorous and wet oral on each other, I started barking out orders. “Fuck me on the kitchen table!” “Lick me on the washer!” “Fuck me over here!” “Fuck me over there!” “Let’s fuck on the...” I can’t remember exactly all the places we got down and dirty, but I do remember in mid stride of getting some good dick, I had an idea:
“Let’s fuck outside!”
Now that I think about it, maybe it is the thrill of getting caught that does it for me. I mean, I have had sex in several places other than at home, normally it does the trick. But I knew my friend wasn’t coming home that night, she wasn’t in the other room and couldn’t possibly hear us or walk in at any minute, so the sex in a new environment just wasn’t doing it for me. I needed to up the ante a bit in the away-from-home-sex department, and just the thought of doing the dirty deed outside turned me on.
It was fairly cold out. I think it was November, so we wrapped ourselves up in a big bedspread and went to the backyard. Ash sat in one of the lawn chairs and I straddled him with the blanket wrapped all snug around us. We started quiet and slow, as we didn’t want to wake any neighbors. But it wasn’t long before we got in just the right position with a stride that was just the right pace, and we started to lose track of where we were, moaning and causing quite a commotion. The blanket came off as our body friction started warming us up and the pumping got deeper. He was having his way with my hot, wet pussy, and I was loving every minute of it.
While sitting on his lap, facing the back door, I was getting closer and closer to cumming really hard when reality hit and it dawned on me:

“Oh no! The door’s locked.”
After my friend’s break in, she replaced the locks around the house, and now the back door locked itself when it shut and could only be unlocked from the inside. Shit!
Panicky and now starting to shiver in the cold air, we walked to the back door still a tad in denial. I turned the knob, and much to our dismay, the door wouldn’t budge. We tried it again, hoping for a different outcome. Unfortunately, same thing. It was locked. Here we were, the two of us wrapped in one blanket, locked outside the house I was getting paid to house-sit, in the numbing cold. Ash offered to go check the front door, but he’d obviously have to take the blanket. Although I didn’t want to give up what warmth we had under it, I knew neighbors seeing a naked man checking locks with a hard-on wasn’t going to be an option. As I sat there naked and shivering in one of the lounge chairs just hoping to see Ash’s face come through the back door, reality started setting in. What the hell were we going to do? Walk to a neighbor’s house and ask, uh, ask what? How would you explain that situation?
“Hi, uh, I know we don’t have any clothes on,
and you don’t know us, but do you know
how to pick a lock? Think you could
pick your neighbor’s lock for us?”
If we asked a neighbor for help, my friend would eventually find out what sort of shenanigans I was getting into while she was gone and getting paid to hang out at this big house would be over. Now the thrill of getting caught wasn’t so thrilling. All it got me was stuck naked outside my friend’s house with a nude man who was desperately trying to break in.
So going to a neighbor’s house wasn’t an option. So then what? Call the police? Call a locksmith? Oh, nope – couldn’t do that. Our cell phones were inside, too?! Damn! Our car keys were in there, our phones were in there, and let’s not forget about our clothes. Everything was locked inside there … except us.
I sat there for what seemed like forever staring at the door handle, which wasn’t turning. Ash finally walked around the side of the house and told me the front door was locked and so were all the windows on the ground level. Fuck! There was no way in.
As I sat there, now back in the warm lap of Ash and the blanket wondering what to do, I heard some commotion over on the side of the house. My friend’s dogs were coming out to find us. They must have heard Ash riffling about with the doors and windows. Then, just like a cartoon, the light bulb beamed above my head. I knew how we were getting in: the dog door!
Neither one of us wanted to cram our naked, sex and clammy sweat-covered ass through a dog door, but Ash once again volunteered to do the dirty work. He’s such a gentleman! We followed the dogs over to the side of the house to check out this pet door situation. Ash left me with the blanket, got down on all fours and proceeded to crawl. The sight of his naked ass cheeks pointing straight up in the air and his nose pushing through the door nearly made me pee my non-existent pants. Limb by limb, he crawled in, all while the dogs were pushing him aside. We were both laughing so hard. The whole situation was just ridiculous! Ash eventually made his way through the dog door and thankfully opened the back door for me so I, too, didn’t have to shimmy my booty through.
Back where we were warm with no more worries, we continued to laugh about the situation for a while. Both of us were very relieved. I would like to be able to tell you that after a situation like this I have toned down the away-from-home sex and the almost-getting-caught sex, but I haven’t. If anything, I might have gotten worse. In a twisted sort of way, it kind of amplifies the thrill for me more now. I know I’ve said this before, but sometimes I really wonder about the shit I get myself into, all for the sake of a good orgasm!

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