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Original Use - Kimono Bomber Jacket

Switch up your winter look with this Drop-Shoulder Reversible Kimono Bomber Jacket. The reversible design of this cool jacket lets you choose whether you want to display it in solid army green or a printed camouflage, and the drop-shoulder design gives it another boost of style. With the open front, you can easily layer it, all while staying warm. $40, available at

Original Use Long-Sleeve Double-Hem t-shirt

Looking to get your girl to cuddle up to you? Chances are this t-Shirt from Original Use can help you achieve it. Thanks to the cotton-blend construction and relaxed fit, this long-sleeve tee will keep you comfortable all day long. The split hem and drop-shoulder details give it an edgier appeal for a slight twist. $18, available at

Gucci Leather and Original GG Trekking Boot

For the gentleman that has everything, these high-quality hiking boots won’t disappoint. Red Rock Canyon, Rocky Mountain National or Yellowstone would be an excellent place to start. $1,250, available at


The softest, most durable flannel you'll find anywhere. Built with a plush, 2-ply cotton flannel developed exclusively for Eddie Bauer. The fabric is brushed on both sides for maximum comfort. Treated to prevent shrinking, pilling, and fading, even after 30 washes. On clearance now for $29.99 at


The 90s are back in for autumn and winter 2018. Tracksuits and bucket hats will be making a “don’t call it a” comeback. Prada is leading the trend with this classically made in Italy bucket hat. If expense is no worry for you, pick one up for only $325 at


The much anticipated Tesla Model 3 is here. Available in rear-wheel drive, all-wheel motor drive or all-wheel motor drive performance version. The performance option kicks your base price up by $11,000, but you can go 0-60 in 3.5 seconds instead of the ridiculously slow 5.1 seconds. We’ll keep the $11k in our pocket and go with the rear wheel drive especially since we’ll be driving it in Vegas. The interior is very comfortable, sparse and sleek with a colossal touchscreen in the middle of the car which is beautiful and very intuitive. We’re also getting used to using your phone as your only key to start the car. Available to order with a two to four month delivery time. Priced at $60,000 as pictured and available at

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